Captain Buggy One Piece – What secret does he know?

Captain Buggy One Piece

Hey everyone! Today we’re gonna talk about Captain Buggy and the possibility he knows something interesting regarding the One Piece. To start off, we must note some interesting facts.

Buggy is one of the most frequently occurring characters in One Piece, Captain Buggy One Pieceafter the Straw Hats! Also, he has stated that he wants to become the Pirate King but at the same time has never said he wants to find the One Piece! How can both of these be possible? Let’s start with some definitions.

What is the essence of being the Pirate King?

Luffy in the manga has given us the following explanation. The Pirate King is the man with the highest degree of freedom on the sea. He has also stated that the Pirate King is simply the King of the Sea. Another common definition of the Pirate King is that he is the strongest pirate on the sea.

The last one suggests that the Pirate King is the person who dictates the rules and regulations of the sea. The man that no one else can force to do anything. The Pirate King can simply do whatever the heck they want.

The Pirate King and the YonkoCaptain Buggy

If we took the above definitions to heart, then for a Pirate King to exist, the existence of the Yonko may be obsolete. Why do you need the 4 strongest pirates to keep the balance when you have the supreme leader of the sea?

The only exception that comes to mind is if the Yonko work under the Pirate King and serve his need and purpose. If they are obedient to the supreme ruler of the sea.

What made Roger the Pirate King?

Before he was executed, we were informed that he was the man who had acquired wealth, fame and power. He has obtained everything this world has to offer.

We also have another useful quote by Garp. He has stated that Roger never ran from anybody or any danger. He always faced everything head on, even if he had to put his life on the line!Dark King Silvers Rayleigh

The Dark King Silvers Rayleigh has also said that Roger did something that until then was considered to be impossible. He conquered the Grand Line.

The common denominator

The commonality in everything that Roger did to become the Pirate King was one. He made the impossible, possible! It’s important here to note that to be the Pirate King, someone simply has to be perceived as the strongest and greatest Pirate alive.

The important thing is the way the whole world thinks of you. It’s not just an ability or a simple title you possess. In order to be regarded as the Pirate King, others must regard you to be the Pirate King!

It’s not what he didLuffy Roger Shanks

The point to be made here is that the exact feats Roger accomplished aren’t necessarily important. It doesn’t mean that for someone to become the Pirate King they have to do the exact same things.

What they have to do however is accomplish feats the people believed to be impossible till then. Take for example Luffy breaking into Impel Down and causing a ruckus. This one was certainly considered to be impossible until he did it.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you are perceived by others, that determines the essence of being the Pirate King.

What that may mean is that for someone to become the Pirate King, they don’t necessarily have to find the One Piece! Someone could be regarded Luffy Impel Downas the strongest pirate alive, without having found the One Piece!

After all, let’s consider this. The One Piece didn’t even exist when Roger became the Pirate King. He never found it. One Piece is supposedly the treasure he found and gathered during his ride along the Grand Line.

Back to Captain Buggy

Captain Buggy has never stated that he wants to find the One Piece. He has stated that he wants to gather all the world’s treasures. In a really old flashback, Buggy and Shanks were talking on Roger’s ship.

They both defined what treasure meant to them. For Buggy treasure was gold and silver, but for Shanks treasure had a deeper meaning. Everyone has their own definitions of treasure. For example, to Luffy treasure is his Buggy and Shankshat.

The important question here is, what was Roger’s definition of treasure? Given the similarities Roger has with Luffy and Shanks, it may be that he didn’t believe gold and silver to be important either.

What Buggy knows

Buggy was a member of Roger’s crew, which means he has traveled the seas alongside him and may even be able to make a speculation about the possible contents of the One Piece, despite the fact that he didn’t travel to Raftel with him.

What that means is that Buggy may not even value One Piece after all!

What One Piece cannot be

We already know that Buggy values gold and silver. We can also add weapons to the mix here. Considering that, we may be able to conclude that Buggy has made the assumption that the One Piece is neither of these things, so he doesn’t want to have it.

We have already discussed in our theory about One Piece some possible ideas about what One Piece may be.

One really possible theory is that Roger has gathered the Poneglyphs(that Rio Poneglyphafter all tell the truth of the world and the Void Century) and left them all over at Raftel, which means they are the One Piece. The truth about the world, waiting for the most capable person to grab it and make use of it. After all, knowledge is the greatest reward.

This treasure means nothing to Captain Buggy!

Captain Buggy One Piece : How is he perceived?Captain Buggy followers

Let’s end this one by looking at how Buggy is perceived by others right now. The whole gang from Impel Down are following him, believing he is fearless and has rescued them. This is far from the truth, but the important thing is how they think of him.

Also, Buggy has achieved (because of his following and the way he is perceived) the status of one of the 7 Shichibukai of the Sea. A status way above his real power.

It may be through luck, fate or whatever you may call it. The fact that remains is that Buggy is perceived by some as strong, way stronger than he actually is.

Be sure to check this theory by JoyBoyTheories that inspired today’s post!

The sure thing is that Buggy doesn’t care about the One Piece and is well on his way regarding becoming the Pirate King, having obtained the status of the Shichibukai and being thought of influential and powerful! For me, Captain Buggy certainly is the greatest troll character in One Piece and I love him!I would love your thoughts in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to:

Thanks, everyone and I’ll see you next time!

4 thoughts on “Captain Buggy One Piece – What secret does he know?”

  1. Hey,

    This is a wonderful article about Captain Buggy, even if I’ve never watched One Piece before.
    Actually, my niche focusing about Animation shows, such as Hunter X hunter and bleach.
    I want to start watching that anime, any link will be benefit to me to start that anime?
    How many episodes are there? how long is each episode?

    1. Yo,

      Happy to see there are other people blogging about anime as well. Never watched Hunter x Hunter, though I love Bleach. Haven’t finished it yet. After the Hueco Mundo arc it took a dive in my opinion. One Piece is currently running at 700+ episodes and each episode is the classic 23 minutes. Be sure to check this post on the best places to watch One Piece!

      Hope that helps!

  2. I haven’t watched One Piece in a long time. I remember many characters wanting to be the Pirate King. As you mentioned it is not what you do but how you are perceived by others. Luffy was always fearless and faced everything head on. If, however, he was perceived as just a stupid acting guy he would never be able to claim the title for himself. In my opinion Buggy is not a strong character, or at least he is perceived way stronger than he actually is.

    1. The perception others have about your power seems to be more important than your actual power sometimes. That’s exactly what is happening with Buggy. He is extremely versatile and I do believe there is more to be seen about him regarding the One Piece and the title of the Pirate King!

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