The 4 emperors

What excites me most about One Piece is the New World. We have only seen a part of it and already we can understand the potential that lies ahead. The rulers of the New World, the Yonkou, i believe send chills down our spines. And yet why can’t they find One Piece? It’s only natural to wonder.

What’s gonna be their final role? Is Shanks the person we believe him to be? Kaidou king of the beasts, Big Mom, Blackbeard.. The possibilities seem endless and we have just scraped the surface of what’s gonna happen next.One Piece Yonkou

I’ve searched a lot about it online and i have collected the most interesting theories that exist so you don’t have to look in ten different places. Of course, our personal touch is existent here so don’t expect copy-paste theories ;). A lot of stuff can’t be found elsewhere. Be ready to get blown away with theories about One Piece, Raftel, Gol d Roger, the will of the D, the Void Century and the Poneglyphs, the Yonkou, All blue, and most important of all,the man destined to be the future Pirate King, Monkey D luffy and his Mugiwaras.

Top 4 emperors theories

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  1. I’m a fan of One Piece myself so I’ll be interested in your theories. From a visual point, this page needs more images. This page is about the 4 emperors, the bad boys of the sea, but you have a small graphic to the side of your page and the emperors are barely recognizable.They are the Emperors of the sea and they deserve the images to make their presence known and felt!

    Anyway, as far as the younko. In order from weakest to strongest, here’s my opinion :- Blackbeard, Big Mom then probably a tie between shanks and kaido, and will like sharing and bouncing my opinions with you.

    1. Hey Haydn! This page is one of my first ones, so i’ll definitely be updating it some time in the future with more content and images. Talking about the Yonkou, i believe that Kaido is in the top, Shanks with Blackbeard in a probable tie and Big Mom lower. However, i think we may be in for surprises. Oda is a cunning individual ;). Can’t wait to exchange more thoughts bro. My newest posts have many different theories. Check them out and confront me with your opinions please :P!

      1. I put Blackbeard as the weakest for now because he is the most recently crowned emperor and is still flexing his muscle so to speak. Of course that could change because he has very 2 powerful devil fruits and once he has better control of them, he can combine them to make some sick attacks. But anyway for now I put him on the weakest. Big Mom as the second weakest because not much is known about her at the moment. Kaido and Shanks deserve their positions as the most powerful emperors currently. Kaido can’t die which says alot about him and the way he wrecked someone as brutal as Eustass Kidd also means this guy doesn’t play around. Shanks, even after all these episodes of one piece, Shanks remain very much a mystery. He fought an aging Whitebeard to a draw and I know that he was able to intercept Kaido and prevent him from making a play on Whitebeard while he was distracted with the thoughts of rescuing Ace. So those 2 in my opinons are the most powerful yonko at the present.

        1. Wow, thanks for the huge input. Well, i believe that Blackbeard will turn out to be one of the strongest and probably the last villain that Luffy would have to overcome. Big Mom for me is weaker probably compared to Shanks and Kaido, however she may tough in strategic power, with Germa 66 and the new powers of her that are being shown in the latest mangas. In terms of raw power though, yes Kaido and Shanks are the beasts. What Shanks may have done when Whitebeard was trying to rescue Ace, before he stopped the war, may turn out to be really interesting. However, i think he never actually fought with Whitebeard, they just gauged each others haki. Those are my thoughts for now. Will probably come up with a post discussing in more detail. Cheers!

  2. Damn judging by all these unsolved mysteries, it almost feels like the war of the yonko is but a meare tiny part of the story. Just how long is one piece going to continue for? I mean i always figure that the battle of the yonko would be-like the apex war or climax arc, but judging by how much stuff is still unresolved, not likely. I love one piece though and i just hope all these mysteries do get resolved in due time and i do not want them all to be packed into a single arc, that will just feel like its overbearing, like naruto.

    But by the same token i hope this series does have an ending some were down the line. Because judging by all that has even been touched in the OP world yet, im guessing like we still have like 14-1500 chapters.

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