One Piece Theories

So there you are. Finished the anime, even devoured the remaining manga chapters trying to satisfy your thirst for more. But you just realised that Eichiro Oda has only given us half the story. Where do you go next? You search for some relevant one piece theories.

This is the point of To serve as the ideal destination for someone who wants to be on top of things. There are so many questions and it’s gonna take quite some time before they get officialy answered, so the only way is for us to imagine. And i can say that is the purpose of the magical world of One Piece. To make us dream about the future of our favorite characters.One Piece Theories

Where is Raftel? What is One Piece? What has been hidden there by the Pirate King Gol d Roger? The future of the Marines? The role of the Shichibukai? Most importantly, Luffy and our beloved Straw Hats? Will they fulfill their dreams? The revolutionary Army? I get excited by the different possibilities and the vastness of the world of One Piece. I hope you are excited too because we are gonna try to answer all of these questions using our imagination and the different theories that already exist.

Just open your mind and let’s embark on our journey to conquer the Grand Line 😉

–>>You can find all our theories here!<<–

11 thoughts on “One Piece Theories”

  1. Nice Fresh Layout. Interesting niche. I’m still a bit unclear as to what exactly it is about. More content is needed in the introduction. Probably some examples of these theories. Explain thoroughly exactly what a one piece theory is. An animated background would also bring the site alive. Looking forward to reading more posts

    1. Hey Patrice. Glad you liked the website. The site is centered around theories related to the popular anime One Piece. I will try to update this page in the future with more content. You can find more theories in my posts. A better, more live design is in the back of my head. To stay updated like our Facebook Page and/or join our inner circle/newsletter. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Appreciate the site where it may need some work i am just starting out after just joining the program on wealthy affiliate this is nice because anime niche is where i wanted to go.

    1. Hey Jeremy!
      Glad you like my website. Happy to see other anime fans like you! Should you need anything be sure to tell me. When you decide on your website I would love to check it out! 🙂

  3. I also want to be a member of this website , I want to share and post theories too…please let me be a part of it?.

  4. You have a catchy site. I am familiar with the term Anime but have not followed it. I always thought that Anime was strictly based out of Japan. It appears that it has a much global reach. How did you become interested in Anime? I was unsure but, do you create your own characters or do you have a staff of creators?

  5. Short theory: about who’s going to kill Kaido for me it’s Rob Lucci we all know he have a zoan devil fruit which is Tiger and on the other side Kaido has mythical zoan type of devil fruit it will turn him to a Dragon in Chinese myths the main rival of Tiger is Dragon and that is why rob Lucci will definitely the one that would kill Kaido.

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