One Piece Sabo kills Burgess – What really happened?

The Dressrosa arc has already ended, but many people who haven’t been following the manga closely, are having questions about it. One big issue of debate has been if in One Piece Sabo kills Burgess. Continue reading “One Piece Sabo kills Burgess – What really happened?”

Trafalgar Law Crew – Where are they?

We have all seen the Trafalgar Law Crew, the Heart Pirates, before the timeskip. However, when Law approached Luffy after the timeskip, in order to propose an alliance to him, his crew was nowhere to be found. We didn’t know anything about their whereabouts. So Continue reading “Trafalgar Law Crew – Where are they?”

Theory About One Piece – Inherited Will, Void Century and All Blue

This is a post i have been meaning to write for a long time. I believe it probably is the most complete theory about one piece, concerning important topics as the inherited will, the void century and what all blue and one piece really are. Continue reading “Theory About One Piece – Inherited Will, Void Century and All Blue”

Awakened Devil Fruits – Straw Hats Version

It’s been a while everyone. I just came back from a five day holiday in Vienna, so i didn’t have much time to write here. Today, i’m coming back with a theory that excites me a lot, about the awakened devil fruits. Devil fruits are a huge part of the One Piece world, so it’s only natural that the concept of their awakening, Continue reading “Awakened Devil Fruits – Straw Hats Version”