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awakened devil fruits

It’s been a while everyone. I just came back from a five day holiday in Vienna, so i didn’t have much time to write here. Today, i’m coming back with a theory that excites me a lot, about the awakened devil fruits. Devil fruits are a huge part of the One Piece world, so it’s only natural that the concept of their awakening, that has been lately introduced, would become a subject of debate.

What is the Awakening?

Has it ever bothered you, that when many devil fruit users change sizes, their clothes are not torn apart, but just change alongside their bodies? That seems to be the case with most of them, like Luffy and Chopper, with only some exceptions, like Jewelry Bonney. It basically is like their clothes
are affected by their devil fruits, and change the same way their bodies do. But what if this ability could extend to someone’s environment as well?awakened devil fruits

The nature of the awakening

It is something that happens quite rarely, and what it essentially does, is increase the powers of the user’s devil fruit. We don’t really know anything as to how this awakening occures, but we do know that it unlocks more power and new abilities to the respective user. The changes that happen, depend on the class of each devil fruit, making the awakening quite interesting.

The effects

The Zoan devil fruits when awakened, grant their users bigger transformations, with increased strength and durability as well. The durability helps them recover that much faster also. Examples of awakened Zoan devil fruit eaters are the Jailer Beasts we saw in Impel piece jailer beasts

Another awakened devil fruit user we have seen is Donquixote Doflamingo, who showed his awakened String-String fruit in the battle against our Luffy. Paramecia users like him, obtain the ability to transform the space around them, to that of their respective devil fruit. They can affect their surroundings, on top of their own bodies, making their power something more than Paramecia really.

Logia awakening

We currently know nothing regarding the awakening of Logia devil fruits. We can only speculate at the moment. What i do believe is possible, is for the Logia devil fruits to take a will of their own. They affect their surroundings as normal devil fruits. Isn’t it only natural for them to become a force of nature? A power that consumes everything in its path?

A possible battle where awakenings of logia devil fruits happened, is the one between Ao Kiji and Sakazuki in the island of Punk Hazard. A battle that lasted ten whole days, and resulted in the island becoming half ice and half magma. Could it be that they awakened their logia powers there? Two forces of nature collided, and even consumed the island in their paths. They became the island in fact!

Will the Straw Hats awaken devil fruits?

Will our beloved Mugiwaras be able to awaken their devil fruit powers in the future of the series? I don’t think that all of them will. It is either not that necessary or it is really rare. However, for the sake of having fun, let’s speculate on what their awakenings will be, should they all achieved them.

Luffy’s awakened devil fruit

We have already introduced the idea, that the awakened paramecia devil fruits, grant the user the ability to mold the world around them, in a way fitting to the respective devil fruit. And what’s more fitting for Luffy, than turning the world around him to rubber? This i believe will happen in two ways.

Firstly, he will be able to make the environment around him elastic. That’s how he will have the ability, to move in a way that suits only a true rubber man like him. Secondly, he will be able to turn the physical objects around him to rubber, and use them to his liking. In the end, he will reach a stage similar to Doflamingo, when he could turn a whole town or island to rubber!luffy awakening

What about Nico Robin?

We know that Robin’s fruit, currently gives her the ability to sprout parts of herself wherever she wants. There has been some speculation around her awakening, which is based on her naming her abilities after flowers, and the fact that her personal jolly roger has seeds. It is supposed that in an awakened form, she will be able to sprout different plants, maybe poisonous and carnivorous ones, and attack her enemies with those.

Nothing’s wrong with that theory, and while i do like it and believe it is possible, what if there was more to it than that? What i mean is, her awakening could be a bit more diverse, giving her the freedom to sprout and use different kinds of weapons, not only plants. In its absolute form, her awakening could let her sprout copies of her own self(maybe even giant ones), and attack her enemies!

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper’s fruit i believe, will have to do with monster point, only bigger! He will turn into a vicious monster, with size in his absolute form close to that of San Juan Wolf. That also foreshadows the matchup in the big battle with the Blackbeards, that will inevitably happen somewhere down the line.tony chopper monster point

But a question arises, isn’t his fruit a fruit that turns him into a human? Wouldn’t it be more logical for him to turn into a freaking human? Well, first of all it would be boring :P. Moreover, we have seen him using all the different points, to amplify his strength the way he wants. Why not do the same with his awakened devil fruit and become an even bigger monster than before?

Brook the Shinigami?

Brook’s power is the revival fruit, the Yomi Yomi no Mi. It allowed him to bring himself back to life, when his whole crew was attacked and defeated. This fruit’s awakened form(though i doubt Brook will reach that level), may give its user the ability to give and take the life energy from different living things or even people! Quite an awesome one if you asked me.straw hats jolly rogers

Well everyone, this was our article on awakened devil fruits in one piece. Do you believe the straw hats will awaken their devil fruits? And if yes, share your ideas about the awakened forms in the comments. Important note: like our facebook page to stay updated, and check our recommendations section for interesting one piece-related stuff!

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  1. You have the weather forecast that covers at least 2 lines of your blog midway. Not sure why you have cleaning experts link… kind of don’t go with anything your blogging. I like lots of pictures, and you are engaging with the reader. I see the links at the bottom of the blog that you are trying to support.. the 2 links I mentioned have nothing to do with your blog and therefore throw the reader off.

    1. Hello bro and thanks for the honest comment. It’s google adsense, which means it chooses the ads itself, will look into making the ads more relevant. Glad u liked the pictures and my writing style. Cheers!

  2. Hi there!
    Bro! I love your site! I’m a HUGE fan of anime and One Piece is actually one of my top faves along with Naruto and DBZ. 😀

    You have some really interesting theories going on here, and you bring up things I never realized myself before! I’m diggin it!

  3. Hello Sarah. Glad you like the theories over here :). I love Naruto as well, hige fan. Unfortunately, i watched dragonball as a kid, but never got down to watching it as a whole. I may do so in the future. You can check out our Recommendations Page if you are hungry for more 🙂

  4. im finding that your theory about robin awakening is a bit weird since she only sprout parts of her body, but on other hand her df name is “hana hana no mi” which mean flower fruit , so its a 50% agree/disagree
    and i think brook has show something that seems to be awakening in WCI (when he’s about to steal poneglyph)
    About Luffy I dunno , it will really feel weird if Luffy suddenly depending his surrounding condition to fight since he only fight combatly

    1. Well we can only speculate and just have some fun doing so ;). For Luffy, if you have seen the fight with Katakuri, Katakuri who has a similar devil fruit to Luffy does something similar to bending his surroundings. Thanks for the input! 🙂

  5. Very interesting theories! It would be awesome to see all of their powers become awakened. I feel like it’d be odd for Robin to have the power to sprout plants, I think if she does awaken her power she may be able to sprout other parts of the landscape, including plants. That would be awesome because currently the forms that she makes are only as strong as herself and act like her actual body, so they get hurt. With the ability to sprout parts of the landscape, she could prevent injury to herself! +I think currently the plants sprouting is more of Usopp’s thing.

    I feel like Brook’s potential power to take or give death might be a bit overpowered. If that ends up being the case, I doubt he would use it since they’re the “good guys”, though I can’t really think of what else his awakened power could be…

    I really like your idea of Chopper being able to grow to a monstrous size, more so than his usual crazy growth! From what I’ve read, it seems like the Zoans become kind of mindless once they reach their awakened state. At least the ones in Impel Down seemed like it. Chopper almost seems to be an awakened Zoan already, since he can transform between his forms without rumble balls these days.

    Anyways, love this article, sorry I’m so late to comment, haha

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