One Piece Action Figures – Top Recommendations

With today’s post we are going to introduce a series of posts with one piece action figures recommendations. We all have to satisfy our inner child, and what is better than quality action figures with our favorite
characters? (Playing video games is another effective way that is covered in another post :P).

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One Piece Shichibukai – Who is the 7th?

Many interesting events and changes happened in the One Piece universe during the two year timeskip. One of the most important ones is the shake up in the power and the ranks of the World Government. Old and mighty one piece shichibukaimarines like Sengoku and Garp retired. Powerful members of the One Piece Shichibukai left their ranks, like Crocodile, Blackbeard who became a Yonkou, and Gekko Moriah who Continue reading “One Piece Shichibukai – Who is the 7th?”

One Piece Admiral Fujitora – Friend or Foe?

After a pause, we are ready to dig once again into interesting theories. This time, our article is titled One Piece Admiral Fujitora. We ‘ll analyse one piece admiral fujitorasome possible theories regarding the mysterious blind swordsman. Continue reading “One Piece Admiral Fujitora – Friend or Foe?”

One Piece Burning Blood Review – Stop fighting with your friends

Product: One Piece Burning Blood                                                                     Price: 57$(playstation 4 version, others can be found as well by searching in amazon)                                                                                                                                     My Rating: 8/10                                                            

You are a complete One Piece fanboy. Well admit it, i know you are like me. You have watched the anime series and even read the manga. You browsed this website for theories to take your understanding of One Piece to the next level. Now, it’s time for you to become a Straw Hat. Coz this is a One Piece Burning Blood Review.

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