One Piece 2 Year Time Skip – Will there be another one?

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One of the most interesting concepts that exist in most anime are time skips. And things are not different when it comes to the One Piece 2 year time skip. When i understood that the story was going that way i was pumped up. It is so exciting to watch your favorite characters grow so quickly, and the way the writer is gonna design them always is a fascinating mystery for me.

Already seen it

In One Piece, we ‘ve already watched the two year time skip, while the Straw Hats disappeared in different places in order to train for the New World. It was something necessary and natural. After all they were utterly defeated in the Sabaody Archipelago arc. A power up was obviously coming our way, in order for them to progress to the New World. That’s all nice and well. Why do we need another time skip? Well, we don’t really but let’s explore some alternative ideas that could lead to a second posttimeskipfascinating time skip.

No training

The first possibility is that the Straw Hats won’t do the classic activity of time skips, which is training. This scenario could come about in a variety of ways. An idea could be that Luffy becomes a Yonkou, gets caught up in different battles which leave him wounded or maybe sick. Thus, comes the role of the time skip. An opportunity for him to recover and come back for the final stretch of the series. Some other way this could come about is by Luffy getting caught (maybe sacrificing himself to save someone?). A time skip is a necessity here too for him to be freed by his crew or escape in some way.

Oda handling time

There is one problem Eichiro Oda seems to have, and that is handling time. The time in the One Piece world goes by quite slowly compared to the frequency the episodes or the manga are released. Take for example the time skip which was two years. The time the crew spent pre time skip was about 9 months. They spent more time training than in the journey we all watch itself. That problem could be addressed by a time skip or some leap(s) of time, in order for the journey to be spaced out correclty.

One last power up

Surely, we already saw a training take place and we all know that the Straw Hats when they returned were absolute monsters. The increase in their strenght was exponential. However, i do believe it’s not enough regarding the end of the series and the title of the Pirate King. Some kind of power up could be the Awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit (an interesting theory for a later post :P). And who can be a better teacher and trainer dragonthan the person that holds so much mystery in One Piece. That is Monkey D Dragon, the father of our senjou, and one of the few people that must have an awakened fruit(a theory regarding that is under way ;)). So yes, i do believe that the last time skip of the Straw Hats before the final arcs is gonna have something to do with the Revolutionary Army.

What do you think? Are we gonna see another time skip in One Piece? Or are we already on the final stretch of the story and things are gonna happen linearly from here on out? Let’s discuss in the comments below 😉

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6 thoughts on “One Piece 2 Year Time Skip – Will there be another one?”

  1. I’m a total beginner when it comes to understanding anime and this was really interesting to read about the concept of time skips. Do time skips only happen in the tv series or can they happen in feature films as well?

  2. It won’t be second anymore surely. In two years each of them already train enough to get stronger. Meanwhile they will get more stronger when they met challenging opponent. If have second time skip. It will be boring and drag the story. again

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