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I know why you ‘ve come here. You searched google for hours and got overwhelmed. We ‘ve all been there and experienced the frustration.  Don’t worry, i’m here to clear all the confusion about where to watch one piece. We’ll explore the different alternatives you have in front of you in order for you to decide what suits you best.

So, without further ado let’s start.


Well, let’s be honest. I do know that most of you are here for the free stuff. You just want to kick back and watch a damn episode of the Straw Hats without spending your precious dimes. I completely understand and don’t judge you as I have been one of you (I may still be one of you sometimes :P). There are countless websites to do that, I’m just gonna scratch the surface with some of the best recommendations based on my own experience and that of fellow anime fans. I’m not gonna bore you with Watch One Piecemany, I’ll just mention 5 of the best. After all, you came here because you were overwhelmed right? 😛 They all have a huge selection of our favorite anime, and of course One Piece.

Update December 2017: Some of the following sites were down since the last time I updated the post so don’t bother with the stricken ones. I have updated with the latest websites that are up and running.

  1. KissAnime
  5. GoGoAnime
  7. WatchOnePiecexyz

The cons

Watching one piece and generally anime online on the websites mentioned above doesn’t come with its drawbacks. First of all, you have to put up with the annoying advertisements that regularly pop up. If that wasn’t enough, the video quality and the download speed cannot be described as top notch. Of course, it varies, but it is up to you to deal with the randomness of that.

Also, if you are the type that wants to stay up to date with the most recent episodes, you will have to put up with the delay that the latest episodes are uploaded. One certain issue though you should keep in mind is that this is basically piracy. You don’t support the creators of the anime you love this way, and really many have stopped airing due to that fact(for example Bleach). Lastly, the collection of the different anime can sometimes disappoint you. Basically, it is up to you to search among the different sites to find the anime you want to watch. On top of that, because of the fact that those sites are illegal, they are occasionally brought down. Then, you have to search for new ones and disrupt your watching experience.

Having all that in mind, it is certainly a viable choice if you think it fits your situation. Let’s explore two more alternatives.

For traditional guys and collectors

If you are interested in supporting the creators of the anime or manga you love, and at the same time have something that you can keep for years to come, then buying the DVDs or manga is the way to go. The feeling ofWatch One Piece
having a real issue of the Shounen Jump for example in your bookshelf and experiencing first hand the artwork is incomparable. Also, having a DVD you can watch with your friends and even show it to your children for that matter years later, can be an experience that can’t be compared to watching or reading online. Moreover, imagine the value they will probably have some years later for other collectors. So, what is the best place to do that? But of course Amazon. To start your One Piece DVD
collection click here. If you are a manga lover you are covered too.(update: check our guides on where to read manga and how to draw manga). Of course, you can browse and find what you are exactly looking for in amazon’s vast selection.

The best of both worlds?

I do understand that you are lazy and maybe not even interested in spending tons of money right now to start collecting. On the other hand, you understand the importance of supporting anime creators and don’t want to support piracy. Is there something for you? Of course.

 Crunchyroll combines online viewing legally, with high quality, high speeds, a vast selection of anime and manga, no ads, all from the comfort of your couch, in a package of a really low price for the value it offers. Check our Crunchyroll review for more info, as I don’t want to bore you here anymore.

Update December 2017: Crunchyroll is no longer my most recommended choice on how to watch One Piece online due to the country limitations and some quality issues it has. Let’s move on to our top recommended choice, the revamped service of Amazon Prime Video!

Watch One Piece – Top Choice

==>Update December 2018<==

Amazon has revamped their Prime Video service and it now seems to be the best overall choice to watch our favorite anime.

Be sure to check Amazon Prime Video out, as it also provides other series and anime.

Don’t forget as well that Amazon Prime provides many other services apart from video, like audible for instance.

Be sure to utilize the free 30-day trial that exists as well, and judge if the service is right for you or not :).watch one piece amazon prime video

==>Click here to instantly stream One Piece<==

Our current top choice on where to watch One Piece is the online streaming service Hulu. It has the episodes of One Piece from the first down to the latest ones in top quality and download speed. Note that watching One Piece on Hulu is completely legal and actually supports the anime and manga industry. Moving on, watching One Piece isn’t the only thing you can do at Hulu. There is a huge selection of movies and series to stream, as well as other anime. The best part is there is a free trial that you can sign up for.

Update August 2018: The link for the sign-up seems to no longer be relevant. Also, Hulu has stopped adding new episodes for One Piece. So, besides the options above, be sure to check out on your own Crunchyroll, Funimation (only US), or Amazon Prime Video for your different anime watching needs. FYI, the above Amazon Prime Video link is a free 30-day trial you can utilize ;). I will be sure to update this one with more details once I have the time to do my research. 🙂

So, what are your recommendations and favorite ways to watch One Piece? Share in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to like our facebook page for updates and join our inner circle of otakus through our newsletter form in the sidebar, if you haven’t already. Arigatou Minna!

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Thanks, Minna and I’ll see you next time!

21 thoughts on “Watch One Piece – What is the best place?”

  1. Awesome post! I used to watch a lot of anime myself but haven’t had the chance to watch One Piece yet. I know it’s really popular so I might give it a try. I always try to find free place to watch it online but sometimes it’s really annoying with all the ads that pop up several times before you can actually start watching the show.
    Crunchyroll sounds pretty interesting and it’s quite cheap too so I’ll probably check it out as they seem to have a good library of anime there.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks for giving recommendations on where to watch anime for free. My fiance and I both love anime and have been fans of the stuff since we were kids.

  3. OMG I love everything related to anime. Thanks for this website…I’ve been looking for it for a long time. Anime is like a secret world or someting…It just helps you survive the daily grind. And One Piece is fabulous, too. You are the absolute best…appreciate you! From your girl, the Boxed Wine Lady

    1. Haha thanks for the love, appreciate it :). The world of anime is a world you can just dive into to escape reality. The world of imagination of course. Do you watch other anime besides One Piece? Be sure to stick around. Cheers!

  4. I don’t really know KissAnime before that’s why I suffered from slow video speed. But when I saw the KissAnime you said, I was shocked of the video speed. Crunchyroll is also good because it is legal

  5. No way, The hulu link you provided was redirected to a site named as Videostripe and One Pece is not available.

    1. Hello Najih and sorry for the inconvenience. The link wasn’t relevant anymore indeed and I removed it. Thanks for pointing it out. I have updated some links and recommendations, but I also have to do some more research to be fully up to date. The problem is those sites change quickly and without much notice what they offer, thus the problem with the link as well. Hulu doesn’t even add new episodes at the moment. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience. In case I get more time I will try to update this with more detail in the future. 😉

  6. a lot of issues I have is finding a site with “correct” subs for One Piece. I’ve tried a few different sites and even funnimations own site and while I assume they dub well, the subs are low par at best. Most sites I see now subtitle using the English dub names for attacks and persons instead of the Japanese ones. Honestly i don’t know where else to go aside from funnimation now, even with their terrible subs there seems to be the same issue on most sites now. :/

  7. Animeflavor is a website which offers popular anime series such as Naruto, Wonder Momo, Wake up Girls and all others in both Subbed and Dubbed in English. Just

  8. “I’ve learn several just right stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how so much effort you put to create such a magnificent informative site.”

  9. If you’re trying to watch one piece at high quality with english dub (up to date with like 13 episodes dubbed ever month I think) I recommend using FUNimation. It has all episodes up to date, streaming quality on par with its competitors, and the subscription won’t break the bank. Amazon Prime is a terrible platform for this anime and many other anime. Amazon prime doesn’t even have HALF of the episodes in one piece while adding onto the cons it makes you either pay for an entire season or pay per episode. Amazon Prime Video is a terrible method to watch this anime unless you are wanting to buy manga, movies, or the anime on dvd/bluray.

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