One Piece Zoro vs Mihawk – When will they rematch?


A rematch we ‘ve been talking about since the start of the anime. It ‘s only logical, one of the very first really exciting fights we witnessed in the anime, our first glimpse of the power that exists in the New World. The loss of Zoro and the fact that we are all waiting for his redemption. The time that chills went down our spines when we thought we was dead, and the fact that we all are eagerly waiting for him to achieve his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman. That’s why we are all living for the day that we will watch the one piece Zoro vs Mihawk battle. But, what are the possible scenarios?zorovsmihawk

A surprise

Eichiro Oda is a crafty genius and we all know it. We understood that better than ever, in the two year time skip. Who would have ever thought that Zoro would be trained by the person we all believed would be his rival? It doesn’t matter what we all were waiting for, he did it. That tells us there are many ways the story can unfold and we should explore the possibilities before jumping to conclusions.

The conventional

Let’s start with the logical way things will unfold. The Straw Hats come across Mihawk as a Schichibukai and of course they have to fight him. The person confronting him can be none other than Roronoa Zoro. The former student of him steps up, beats him in a fight to the death, and finally surpasses his master, becoming the greatest swordsman that ever lived. Another similar idea, is that they will confront each other as rival crew members, which is reinforced by our theory that Mihawk is Shanks’s crew member.

Already happened?zoromihawk

Could it be that one of the most awaited battles has already happened? It is crazy i know but it is a possibility that noone can take off the table. They were together in a lone island and they trained. What is a better way to achieve the final level of training, than to fight and beat your own teacher? It could be the way Zoro got the mystery scar in his eye. There is a price to be paid for beating the greatest swordsman in the world, isn’t it? After all, Zoro has returned a monster after the time skip, and we haven’t seen him even struggle to beat the opponents he confronted. That is the level of power his has obtained.

What’s next?

Let’s suppose he has already beaten Mihawk. What is the next level for Zoro? Who is the person he must now surpass? I believe it could be one of the old geezers of the Gorosei, the one holding the sword in the picture of them we have all seen. Or, it could be the swordsman of Blackbeard’s crew. Which takes us to our next theory.

Revenge his master?

One really exciting match up in the future of One Piece, is the clash between the Blackbeards and the Red Haired pirates. Our Mihawk theory analyses the way this fight was foreshadowed in the Marineford war. In that scenario Mihawk fights against Shillew of the Blackbeard pirates and loses. Also, the whole Red Haired crew loses to the formidable Blackbeards. That’s when Straw Hats come to wreck havoc and revenge their allied crew. Zoro destroys Shillew, avenges his master and becomes the indisputable greatest swordsman in the world of One Piece.

Whatever happens, whichever fight Oda decides to show us, one thing is certain. It’s gonna be epic!

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8 thoughts on “One Piece Zoro vs Mihawk – When will they rematch?”

  1. Man anime has come so far along with the various different characters and shows now. I remember good old Dragonball and Dragonball Z, and Final Fantasy just to name a couple off the top of my head. It’s what got me into drawing (when I used to draw). This looks like it would definitely be an epic rematch between One Piece and Mihawk. I’ll have to catch up on this for sure as it’s always fascinating to see what creative minds come up with. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love one piece and the idea of having all the theories together is appealing! I’ve been waiting for this rematch for ages 😛 Can’t wait to see what will finally happen!

  3. Awesome post. I have always been a fan of anime just haven’t had the time to watch it like I would like. The children and work consume the majority of my time nowadays but this is intriguing. Does this play on Adult Swim? That’s the only station that sparks my interest.

  4. Zoro has most likely not surpassed Mihawk. That would likely suggest he is stronger than his Captain, who needed alot of help to beat Doflamingo. Also, he’s the world’s strongest Swordsman, thus stronger than Fujitora who was stronger than Doflamingo most likely. I highly doubt Mihawk is weaker than Doflamingo, especially since Mihawk didn’t break a sweat vs Vista, and has yet to use a named attack. Also, why would Zoro want to avenge Mihawk? Even though they trained together, they hasn’t demonstrated any care for the other.

    And while Oda likes to throw curveballs, he doesn’t like to break expectations when they are sky high. Mihawk is one of the most hyped up characters in the whole OP world, and I doubt Oda would do him dirty in such a way for him to just be needlessly killed off or be beat offscreened. I do think he’ll deliver the Zoro vs Mihawk battle. However, my theory is that they will do battle during the final war, but the twist for the battle will be that Zoro isn’t fighting Mihawk to be the best, but to aid his Captain against the world.

    1. I see what you’re talking about here. I also tend to believe that the Zoro vs Mihawk battle will actually happen. And when that happens it’s gonna be totally awesome! Let’s wait for that! I also like your theory about them not fighting about the title of the greatest swordsman but for the sake of the crew. However, the result of the fight would most possibly mean the winner is the greatest swordsman!

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