One Piece Gorosei – Immortals or just ridiculously strong?


Yes of course, we are talking about those old geezers we’ve seen only a little of. What exactly are the One Piece gorosei? They are the five elder stars as they’ve been called, the elders of the World Government currently in control of the whole world. They are an enigma, because we don’t even know their names yet, we can just identify them by their appearance. What will be their role, and what has happened in the past with them? Let’s explore those exciting questions in today’s post.

We know some

We are aware that they are the highest authority in all of One Piece, and of course they are the only ones who don’t have to answer to anyone. The Marines, schichibukai, cipher pol and the top officials of the World Government instead have to answer to them. Their reign is absolute regarding those that follow them, and if that wasn’t enough to make them intimidating they are the ones that possess the ancient weapon Uranus. Their main objective is to keep the 3 powers(marines,cipher pol and schichibukai) in balance, and of course to keep their “order” and rule in place.

Could they be immortal?

To start off, their name means five elder stars, or five elder suns someone can say. From ancient greek mythology we know that Uranus is an ancient greek god, who had the ability among others to extend someone’s life, and so had the sun. It is a possible theory that at some point, maybe even at the time they attacked the ancient kingdom ( see our void century theory here), those 5 people(possibly even part of the original celestial dragons) gained immortality. They may did it through Uranus, and an explanation that exists is that the sun itself fuels their immortality. That may have been the reason the formidable ancient kingdom lost to them, they didn’t even know how to kill them.gorosei

The other ancient weapons?

A big probability exists that with the use of the ancient weapons the gorosei’s immortality could be cancelled, maybe for a short period of time. That’s exactly why they fear the ancient weapons and will probably launch a war with all their might against anyone who possesses them.(Could that be Luffy in the future? :P). It can be one of the secrets Whitebeard was talking about that they don’t want to be made public, their own weakness that is.

Is Dragon like them?

Another idea exists that Monkey D Dragon could also be an immortal. Him being a part of the ancient kingdom, he possessed Uranus originally, but somehow lost it to the gorosei and also lost the war. Ever since, he runs the revolutionaries with an ultimate purpose. To beat the gorosei(maybe somehow using the moon for an eclipse) and restore the ancient kingdom’s dignity. That could also explain the fact that he is such a mystery. (Other interesting ideas about him can be found in an earlier post here).

The Yonkou?

It is a fact that the yonkou’s role is important. Their power is quite formidable, but the pirates being divided into pirate groups, i don’t believe the world government really fears their power alone. It could also be that they possess the hints that lead to the ancient weapons, maybe even Raftel and One Piece, through poneglyphs. That is evidenced in the last mangas at least about Big Mom and Kaidou. The fact that they don’t use them is firstly, not all of them belong to one yonkou, and secondly they can’t understand them. That is another way that the power of the sea stays balanced.

Specific speculations

Some random ideas about them also exist. Is the white dressed gorosei the strongest swordsman that exists and maybe Zoro’s last opponent? Could it be that any character we know be related to anyone of them? Whatever is the truth, it is certain that they are some tough geezers and really important in the grand scheme of things. Their role is about to be unveiled but we certainly have to wait. Till then, let’s try to satisfy our hunger with interesting theories 😉

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11 thoughts on “One Piece Gorosei – Immortals or just ridiculously strong?”

  1. Hello,
    Very interesting website on One Piece Gorosei, before visiting your website I never heard of such a thing. Its quite a education on the ancient weapons and warriors, I really do not understand all of it but you have a very unique website.

  2. Wow!Good job and thank you for all the information that your site give us.There are some pretty good ideas that blow your mind away.Keep the good work and let us know what is coming next.

  3. Nice post! Hadn’t heard about this immortality theory before. I think, though, that Oda will keep us guessing for a while more about the Gorosei. It’s all about the long game in One Piece, after all!

  4. You ask some very interesting questions!

    I’ve only just learned about this topic, so your post and site are giving me a lot of the background information and explanations that I otherwise have lacked.

    You have gone to a lot of trouble to research and then share your very intimate and specialized knowledge about this topic.

    I will certainly return to learn more and continue my education!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. What are the possibilities that the pirates, along with Monkey D, could form an alliance to infiltrate the gorosei and win back Uranous long enough to see if their immortality power wanes? There may be even more possibilities, like the king of the hill, it will eventually be winner take all. Thank you for the insight.

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