One Piece Shichibukai – Who is the 7th?

Many interesting events and changes happened in the One Piece universe during the two year timeskip. One of the most important ones is the shake up in the power and the ranks of the World Government. Old and mighty one piece shichibukaimarines like Sengoku and Garp retired. Powerful members of the One Piece Shichibukai left their ranks, like Crocodile, Blackbeard who became a Yonkou, and Gekko Moriah who was defeated by Luffy. That events left vacant Shichibukai positions and the World Government lacking in power therefore.

The New Shichibukai

We all know that the balance of power in the One Piece world, currently stays still because of three powers, the Marines, the Yonkou and the Shichibukai. The World Government wouldn’t let that balance be disturbed, so it was inevitable for them to fill the empty Shichibukai positions. Thus, new Shichibukai members arose during the time skip.

  1. Dracule Mihawk
  2. Boa Hancock
  3. Bartholomew Kuma 
  4. Buggy the Clown (:D)
  5. Trafalgar Law
  6. Donquixote Doflamingo
  7. ?

Who is the mysterious seventh Shichibukai?

Since the new Shichibukai composition was announced, the fact that the seventh of them was kept hidden, gave birth to numerous theories regarding his true nature. Before we reveal who he really is(yes it has been revealed), lets explore quickly some honorable mentions.

Golden Lion Shiki

Shiki is a legendary pirate who has fought on par with Gol D Roger in the past. His power is such that both Sengoku and Garp were needed to defeat him. He managed to escape Impel Down and that fact was mentioned by Sengoku. Since then, many theories have talked about him being the golden lion shikiseventh Shichibukai and generally talking about his return and his role later on. It has also been mentioned that he has some 20 year plan that will be executed some time in the future.

Rob Lucci

Another interesting character of the past that could have gone rogue is Rob Lucci. He was held responsible about the defeat at Ennies Lobby. What if he became a pirate and the World Government wanted him back? That’s the idea behind him being the last Shichibukai. Although i don’t really believe it. I think he may be a member of the underworld now, as a man resembling him was shown in a manga chapter. Another idea is that he is a part of CP0, but all those are the theme of another post altogether.rob lucci

Honorable mentions

We have also metioned Fujitora’s grudge against a possible seventh Shichibukai here. Another interesting idea is that of Enel becoming a Shichibukai. Although i don’t believe he’ll become one, he is a powerful character, so we may see him take over some interesting role later on. Now, lets move on to the gist of this article.

Zephyr is canon

It is a fact that the story of the Marine Zephyr is a canon one, created by Oda himself. There, it has been said that the person who cut off his arm was the mysterious seventh Shichibukai. And that man’s name after revealed in chapter 802 is Edward Weevil, the self-proclaimed son of Edward Newgate, Whitebeard!

Who is Edward Weevil?

He calls himself the son of Shirohige and he is the son of Miss Bakin. Who is she? She is the (as well self-proclaimed) lover of Edward Newgate. His appearance resembles Whitebeard a bit(after all he calls himself Whitebeard Junior). He has a similar mustache, though bigger than Shirohige’s, is quite sturdy and has disproportionate legs. He wears overalls which have his own jolly roger on them.


It seems that he isn’t so bright being a simpleton who is influenced by his mother’s will. He believes he is the true heir of Whitebeard and all his heritage belongs to him. For that reason he attacked all the pirates once edward weevilassociated with Whitebeard, believing they didn’t deserve to be called his family. As a result, we can see he believes in blood connections regarding family and not nakama connections, unlike his self-proclaimed father. He also wanted to get revenge against Blackbeard, but his mother convinced him that revenge wasn’t worthy :P.

The type of his character can also be understood by the following fact. The quarrels with the former Whitebeard crews started small and escalated quickly due to his manner. His objective was of course to get information on Whitebeard’s fortune, that he believes belongs to himself. After Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo, he asked his mother if he should follow Straw Hat, in order to get information on Marco and eventually Whitebeard’s fortune.

Power and Bounty

Despite him being a simpleton his strength cannot be underestimated. Much like his alleged father, he wields a bisento as his weapon. Considering the story of Admiral Z(Zephyr), it seems that Weevil was the pirate who cut off his arm. As seen in the above video, Garp mentions that this man possesses a devil fruit. Its kind is a mystery of course. It could have edward weevil bountysomething to do with cutting(though he has his bisento for that), or it could be some Zoan fitting for his brawler personality type.

His powers have also been praised by Kisaru, comparing them with those of Whitebeard in his early years. We can get a glimpse of his power as well, if we considered that he defeated 15 pirate crews alleged with Whitebeard, along with the A.O. pirates. The thing is he did that single-handedly and without baring a single scratch. Another sign of how powerful he is, is that before he joined the Shichibukai he had a bounty of 480,000,000 belly. The highest former bounty of any Shichibukai member ever!

Is he Whitebeard’s son?

Well, there are no facts available right now for us, other than him and his mother saying that they are connected with Shirohige. His appearance could resemble him, in a funny way though. On the other hand his personality i believe has nothing to do with Edward Newgate. Of course, this could be related to his upbringing and the way his mother treated him when he grew up. The only thing we can say is that he seems to really believe his claims, so i don’t really think he is lying. What his mother does though is a mystery at least now.

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  1. My brother is a big fan of One Piece. I came across your blog while looking for a gift for him. You have some wonderful articles here that I know he would love to read. I will be passing your blog on to him. I have to say that my curiosity was sparked even though I don’t know much about the series reading your article. I wanted to know who the 7th was! Great site you have here!

    1. Hello Heather, glad you appreciated the site. Hope your brother likes it as well, cheers! Be sure to check out our latest review post of action figures and the one piece video game review for nice gift ideas :).

  2. I like one piece so much I always watch it every week. I like the different types of theories you’ve got of who’s the seventh shichibukai. I think that black beard is the seventh shichibukai. But Flamingo is now defeated and his spot is now blank. Who do you think the next shichibukai?

    1. Hey John, Blackbeard can’t be a Shichibukai now bro he is a Yonkou. In the post we reveal who the 7th Shichibukai actually is so read it to the end(don’t want to spoil it for you :P). As to Doffy’s place it would be interesting to see who gets it. Cheers!

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