Theory About One Piece – Inherited Will, Void Century and All Blue

theory about one piece

This is a post i have been meaning to write for a long time. I believe it probably is the most complete theory about one piece, concerning important topics as the inherited will, the void century and what all blue and one piece really are.

We have only barely mentioned some relevant ideas in our following posts, who serve as complementary reading to this one, although you could skip them without missing too much, if you are familiar to the topics. However, i don’t want to be too repetitive, so i will link to them when needed. Complementary reading –> Raftel theoryAll BlueVoid CenturyVoice of All Things. Note: Some of them are my early posts, so
forgive my writing and their short length :).theory about one piece

Void Century One Piece

Let’s start with some necessary background. Void Century in One Piece is called a period in history, about which the public knows nothing or almost nothing about. All pieces of evidence regarding what happened then, seem to have been erased from the face of the world.

The only ones who know what truly happened then, are Gol D Roger and his pirate crew, who have read the poneglyphs. The poneglyphs all around the world describe the true history of the Void Century. But more on them later. What we do know about the Void Century, is that a certain Ancient Kingdom used to reign all over the world. We know that from the Oharan archaeologist Professor Clover.professor clover

The World Government’s rise

What the Oharan told us, is that the ancient kingdom had a certain enemy. As a result, a war happened between the kingdom and them, which resulted in the enemy’s win. They wiped out everything that had to do with the ancient kingdom from the face of history. The Void Century ended and the organisation we all know as the World Government was established. Was that a coincidence, or is the World Government the enemy of the kingdom, who erased every trace of it in history?

Roger’s quote

There are three things that cannot be stopped, Men’s Dream, The flow of time,a nd inherited will. As long as people continue to seek the true meaning of freedom, they will never cease to be!

Gol D Roger, the Pirate King

Roger’s quote has a deep meaning embedded into it. It’s not just random cool stuff. Here’s government

The project of One Piece

The ancient kingdom was really prosperous. As a result, they developed a certain ambition, which was to unite all four seas. They wanted to make a big, prosperous ocean, so that all the people could have access to the vast sea. For that reason, they had to destroy the Red Line and the Grand Line. To accomplish that, they created some powerful weapons, the so called ancient weapons, Pluton, Uranus and Poseidon.

Unfortunately, their plan wasn’t received the same by everyone. Twenty other kingdoms opposed them and united in order to beat them. A huge war happened and the opposing kingdoms emerged victorious, becoming the world government. The ancient kingdom’s dream didn’t die though. The project of One Piece, or All Blue, Sanji’s dream, was inherited by Gol D Roger himself, but how?poneglyphs

The Poneglyphs

We have talked about the poneglyphs before, but what i want to stress today is how and why they were made. The ancient kingdom was anticipating its downfall, aka the passage of time in Roger’s quote. As a result, they took measures to ensure their dream, their project wouldn’t die, should they lose the war.

And that’s how the pieces connect. That’s exactly how the Pirate King inherited the ancient kingdom’s project. They wrote the true history of the world, in the pieces of stone now known as poneglyphs. Gol D Roger with his crew managed to decipher them, not to mention the fact that they were the ones who were able to access all of them, since reaching Raftel.One Piece All Blue

What Raftel really is

We have talked about possibilities regarding Raftel again in the past. What i want to stress now, is what i think Raftel really is, related to today’s theory. I believe that it is the capital of the Ancient Kingdom. They somehow managed to conceal its location and save it from the wrath of the World Government. All their secrets are there, Roger discovered them and the next Pirate King, aka Luffy :P, will also inherit them after reaching it ;).

The Golden Age of Pirates

The inherited will of the Ancient Kingdom reached Roger after 800 years. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the health to bring the plan to fruition. Thus, he created the Golden Age of Pirates, in order to pass down the plan to someone else. And who is better than the one who would come to be named the next Pirate king? Monkey D Luffy?

The will of the D

It has been talked about again and again. I believe the will of the D is the will of the ancient kingdom, the inherited will Roger talked about. It can either come from the Descendants of the kingdom or the shape of a smile as many have speculated. Whatever the case may be, the will of the D has to do with the ancient kingdom and its project.

How it will play out in the end

Luffy will be the one to inherit the will, the project of One Piece. To create the united ocean, where everyone can roam and leave peacefully, fishmen and simple men together, the All Blue. What he will have to do, is destroy the spot where Mariejois is, the same place fishman island is. The place  where the Reverse Mountain is, making an X, the symbol of the treasure. That is where Luffy must strike using some ancient weapon.One Piece Raftel

That way, the seas will fuse into one, Mariejois will be destroyed and the fishmen will have to come out and live together with the other people, since their island will be no more. Madam Shirley’s prophecy will come out to be true, since Luffy will destroy fishman island. Also, Joy Boy’s promise will happen, because he is the king of the ancient kingdom. But that is another post altogether.

So, this was our most complete theory about one piece. We introduced many concepts today, so further posts will try to clarify even further. Hope you liked what you read. If so, share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, like our facebook page for updates and don’t forget our recommendation’s page, for our best picks regarding one piece. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Theory About One Piece – Inherited Will, Void Century and All Blue”

  1. Wow, your page is really remarkable. I have to admit at first when I started reading I had no clue what you were talking about. But as I continue to read and catch up on the other pages, it all starts to come together. It is very catchy, you did an awesome job, keep up the good work.

  2. At first starting off reading I was a little lost, but as I continued to read and go into your old posts and watched the video it all became very interesting. The content pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading. I also like how the ads are displayed into the post. I really think you did an awesome job. Keep up the good work. I do have one question. How did you learn so much about “One Piece”?

    1. Hey Lamitra, thanks for your kind words and i am glad you liked the post. I learned a lot about One Piece simply by watching the anime, reading the manga and talking with friends about theories. Also, i always scour the internet for inspiration and try to bring the best ideas and theories that exist all over in one place. 🙂

  3. Yooo, the fact that you included that Raftel was the capital of the Ancient Kingdom really pleases me man.
    I was thinking that people totally disagreed with me when I included that in my theory video, thanks for reassuring me.

    Anyway, nice site man. I can see this becoming the new One Piece Gold or One Piece Love.
    Notifications on this site would be great too. So people could know when a new post is up.

    1. Hey Berak! My post is basically comprised from many posts and theories. I’ll be sure to add this one as a citation along with others as i remember them. Thanks for pointing this out! 🙂

  4. My little idea is that what the void century hide is the ancient racial war, of the celestial clan against the people of the blue sea. The celestial clan of which was the ancestor of both tenryubito and wingmen of sky island. This race came from the outer space most prolly from the moon. The ark of enel was design by his ancestors as the vessel their clan will use to leave and return to their mother planet or to the moon of witch ultimately failed.

  5. I uhhhh think you’re dead wrong on this.

    I think that yes, Reverse Mountain is related to the All Blue. But I think this is more in line with what the World Government wants to do. To have a united world, so that they can govern the entire thing. This is why they have things like a spatial gate for transport between Marineford, Enie’s Lobby, and Impel Down. They tried this project long ago, and nearly flooded the Red Line just making that fissure.

    One Piece involves alot of religious references. The ancient weapons are named after Greek gods. The ship Noah, which is clearly a reference to Noah’s ark. Here’s my theory: This is OUR world, after some event happened that erased modern history and religion. Society went super-advanced, then a group (ahem, World Government) wanted to rule the world. They fought using super-weapons, and the ice caps melted, flooding and radically changing the shape of the Earth. People managed to destroy these weapons using weapons of their own (namely, stuff like Weatheria’s weather control stuff which is why they call that forbidden when Nami asks, Devil Fruits, and stuff like Dials), but at great cost. They used up most of their own weapons, and their own forces. Or in some cases, they hid their weapons and fled to remote portions (Skypiea is literally in the air). This left a weakened world that was easy to take over for the World Government.
    And take over they did, starting with rewriting the historical narrative to make it look all those who opposed them were “pirates”. Now some pirates literally were criminals, but others, like the Ohara historians were just regular people doing things the World Government didn’t like. The World Government’s “justice” employed real pirates as enforcers, and hunted enemies of state.

    Now there’s two add-ons to this theory. First, the Devil Fruits are not a product of a devil at all, but another weapon, that of genetic alteration. Much like the experiments of Vegapunk, with research into seastone and Lineage Factor. This shows in fact a world that is more advanced even than our own, as does the existence of robots and airships like the one Enel has. In fact, Dial technology is also a direct result of genetic engineering, as seashells do not normally have abilities like this.

    The second is Joy Boy. Now, who is Joy Boy? Well, it’s clear that Joy Boy is an impressive figure, who says that at some point he will come back. There are only two people like that in Earth’s history. One is Jesus. The second is Buddha. Both promise that they will return in some form, and both could potentially “shake the world to the core” which is promised when the One Piece is found. In fact, One Piece literally is ひとつなぎの大秘宝 which can also translate into “rope linking all men” or “one sea at peace.” (Due to the punny nature of unclear word spacing) That is, Joy Boy is literally going to return to bring peace and the truth to mankind, and this will expose the evil of the World Government and collapse their power. And One Piece and Joy Boy are somehow strongly related, thus the Poneglyph’s mentioning him. He’s part of the true history of the world.

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