One Piece All Blue Theory – How will it be created?

One Piece All Blue

Today i’m gonna be quick and to the point, exploring a little theory about All Blue and about how the story will unfold in that direction.

The theory is quite simple and discusses the way that All Blue will be created(if it doesn’t already exist :P), eventually making Sanji’s dream a reality. Could Sanji know something about All Blue, making him important to be alive for the World Government(thus the wanted poster) or could he be a Prince? (All concepts of a later post :P).  So, what is All Blue for those not so familiar? It is a sea where all the other seas can exist as one, along with all the living species of the ocean.

A really interesting idea is that this sea containing all the other seas will be created by the destruction of the Red Line, which of course divides the 4 seas, North, South, East and West Blue. Luffy may be the man destined to do that using either his power, or that of the ancient weapons, which he may acquire later on in the story. One Piece All Blue

Destroying the Red Line at the Reverse Mountain could mean finding Raftel, should it be stated there. Another way can be by destroying Mariejois, the capital of the World Government, eventually defeating it, freeing people from its reign and injustice and fulfilling the will of the D(the concept of a later post ;)).

The destruction of the Red Line, uniting all seas into one, means letting people and pirates freely roam the ocean, making a reality Luffy’s dream of absolute freedom. In addition to that, what Roger had was his love for the oceans and the freedom of a pirate’s life, making that freedom his legacy for the people of All Blue :D.

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6 thoughts on “One Piece All Blue Theory – How will it be created?”

  1. Hey buddy! I love watching anime, but never got into one piece unfortunately. I prefer the shorter anime’s, like those with 20 or so episodes. With that said, I am definitely glad that someone out there is thinking about possibilities with how things unfold, or can clarify certain aspects of an anime. I think more thought needs to go into this. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Hey bro, thank you for spending some time to comment. One Piece is a big love of course but I also love small anime like Code Geass and Death Note. Which ones are your favorites?

  2. Hello Antonis,

    The only anime I follow till this day is Dragon Ball. That being said, I haven’t been up to date to the latest season, the Dragon Ball Super. Anyways, back to One Piece, did you manage to go the event in Japan. The Dome Tour? I remember it was held years ago.

    1. Hello Tar! I haven’t watched Dragon Ball, but would really like to in the future. I didn’t attend the Dome Tour. In fact, i didn’t even know it exists :P. What is the event about?

  3. Really liked your theory here!

    Can’t say I have heard much about this particular theory before, is that an original idea?

    Then again, I never really paid any attention to the all blue, I never figured it to be a serious plot point.

    Then again, judging by the direction the manga is taking right now, I shouldn’t be all too surprised.

    I enjoyed reading this.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Hey Vlad! Well, the all blue theory isn’t exactly an original idea. Many have theorised about it before. I just picked bits and pieces from here and there and made a full theory about it ;). Cheers!

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