How to choose a Monkey D Luffy Halloween Costume

one piece straw hat luffy cosplay

Long time no see everybody! We’re back today with a post that continues the collumn of cosplay posts we introduced last week. (Here’s the first post in case you missed it.) This one is a guide on how to go about choosing a Monkey D Luffy Halloween Costume. Halloween just passed and i noticed a shortage of related guides. Also, i know many of you would love to cosplay one piece straw hat Luffy, so i decided it was time for a guide that helps you do just that. We will suggest our favorite one piece cosplay accessories as well, like the hat of straw hat Luffy. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

One piece Straw Hat Luffy cosplay

It would be counterintuitive if we didn’t begin this guide with the signature straw hat of Mugiwara. The hat that originally belonged to the Pirate King Gol D Roger himself, and that Shanks gave to Luffy when he saved him from the Sea Kings.

Cosplay Accessories One Piece Straw Hat Luffy hat

I searched the market a bit and i can honestly say that many straw hats cosplay accessories one piece straw hat luffy hatare of either low quality or their colour isn’t really close to the one Luffy wears, or both. The one i recommend wins over the others in both categories, and at a relatively low price for that matter. The only thing you should be careful about is the dimensions. At 13 x 3.9 x 13 inches you should definitely check if it fits you well. A cool feature i like is the string it comes with, so that you can wear it around your neck.

–>>Check the straw hat here<<–

Pre timeskip full cosplay set

Next up, i want to recommend an unbelievable full cosplay set, with the one piece straw hat luffy cosplayoutfit of pre timeskip Luffy. If you don’t want to bother with choosing and buying every part of the outfit independently, just go with the full set option. It consists of a really high quality straw hat, the shirt and pants of Luffy are top notch as well, and a pair of sandals, or else known as Dazcos(i didn’t know they were called that either :P).

This hat also has a rope so that you can wear it on your neck. The quality of the materials of the outfit is probably the best you can find in the market right now. Just a small caveat, although the materials seem great, i one piece luffy sandalsfear that the sandals may not last for many uses if you aren’t careful with them.

That being said, i believe the quality of the outfit in general is top notch. I would just be careful with the sizing i choose, because the dimensions seem to sometimes be 1-2 cm off.

–>>Check the outfit here<<–

Post timeskip Luffy cosplay set

This guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include a post timeskip monkey d luffy halloween costumecosplay set of Luffy. After the two year timeskip, he has opened he shirt to show the x-shaped scar he got during his training. Also, his pants are a bit different, a bit more fluffy :P. He also has a yellow band wrapped around his waist.

The set that encompasses all those features is the one i recommend. The outfit is almost identical to the one Luffy wears. There are only two things i don’t like and would like to point out. Firstly, i don’t like the sandals a lot. Don’t get me wrong they are decent. However, i prefer the sandals of the previous outfit. Another way to bypass this is by buying sandals separately. I will give my recommendation on standalone sandals just below.

–>>Click here to get it<<–

One more thing you should consider, is the size once again. For some reason(maybe geared towars children or because Asians are small sized, not a racist here, just a fact :P) the costumes are a bit small. This means that you should check the sizes carefully and probably go with a size just a bit bigger than your normal one. Better to have something bigger and just make it a bit smaller, than to have a smaller size with no way to make it bigger ;).

The face scar

A quality cosplay of Luffy wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t incorporate his luffy face scarsface scar into the mix. The scar is basically a pair of stiches that are under his left eye. I recommend that you buy these unbelievable fake scars, which you can use for other Halloween cosplays as well. They are easy to use and the simplest way to resemble Luffy’s scars.

–>>Check the fake scars here<<–

If you are more into make-up and such, and would like to get the cosplay to the next level, i can’t recommend the following tutorial too much. Really good work done there.

The sandals

I did promise a standalone pair of sandals, for those that don’t want to cosplay accessories one piecestick with the sandals that the complete sets give. The sandals i like most are those from the company KISS GOLD. Top quality material, lots of different sizes and two different models. Model B is the one you are looking for. Model A is also nice, but it has nothing to do with Luffy’s sandals, so be careful there ;).

–>>Check the sandals here<<–

The chest x-scar and the abs

The cosplay would go to the next level, if someone added in the x-scar of luffy on his chest and his abs(assuming you don’t already have abs of course :P). I’m no make up artist, but i found a really good step by step post on how to do it. Feel free to check it out :). The x-scar and abs make-up tutorial. For the materials you may need, i would not check anywhere other than Amazon.

How to act like Luffy

It’s not enough to dress like Luffy, you have to live your role, not just dress it :P. That’s why it is really important to act like Luffy. Check this tutorial to try and mimic Straw Hat’s personality.

Let’s wrap it up

That was it folks. I hope the guide helped you choose a Halloween Monkey D Luffy costume. I also believe it can help anyone who wants to cosplay one piece straw hat Luffy. We have shared our favorite cosplay accessories as well. What are your recommendations for a Monkey D Luffy cosplay? Share in the comments.


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  1. Wow, this is a first. I’ve never come across an online article that teaches this. This is some awesome stuff. I wonder how you can make the cross scar on the body though. That would look sick and cool. Thanks for sharing this. Hope you can make some other guides for other characters like Zoro or Sanji.

    1. Hey bro. Well, i have a link in the post with a nice guide on how to do the x scar with make up and some other stuff like toilet paper! Be sure to check it out. 😉 I will be working on more similar guides for other characters as well. Like our facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter(in the sidebar) so you won’t miss out on anything!

  2. Hi Antonis,

    Great article, I really like all the stuff you’ve suggested in the article. Where we live we don’t celebrate Halloween, but next week will have a big party, and we need to come disguised. This article just comes in time! I really like the face scar:) I am sure that my friends won’t recognise me!

    Do you ship out of US?

    Thank you for this great review!

    1. Hello Daniella. Happy the guide can prove to be useful outside of the context of Halloween. You can indeed cosplay in any party for that matter. As for the shipping, these are not my products. I am just recommending them here, among the purposes of the how to. However, all amazon vendors do ship outside US. Just check this out when you order through Amazon. Hope this helps! 🙂

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