Captain Eustass Kid One Piece – What happened to him during the timeskip?

eustass kid timeskip

Lets talk today about the notorious Captain Eustass Kid. A member of the Worst Generation in One Piece and one considered to be among the three strongest of them, along with Luffy and Law, at least according to their bounties. After the timeskip, we saw him with a metallic arm in the place of his own and some new scars on his forehead. The question is, what happened to him during the two year timeskip?

Clash with a Yonkou?

We know that some time during the timeskip, some of the Supernovas invaded Big Mom’s territory and clashed with members of her crew. More specifically, Urouge managed to defeat one of her commanders, a really impressive feat that we have already discussed.

We know that Kid and his alliance(Hawkins and Apoo), were targeting a Yonkou, before they had the luck to confront Kaido :P. I don’t think it was Blackbeard and it certainly wasn’t Kaido. So, judging from the fact that eustass kid timeskipthey managed to shink some ships of Big Mom, we can only assume it must have been her.

I don’t really think they fought Big Mom herself, because i suspect they would have lost pretty easily. They probably lost to one or some of her Sweet Commanders and crew. They did manage to hurt them by shinking the ships, but ultimately they lost. And that’s where he lost his hand and got his scars.

Another possible idea is that he had to participate in Big Mom’s roullete game(we’ll talk more about that in a future theory). This game is basically a roullete game with parts of your body. In order for Big Mom to set someone free, they have to lose the part of the body that the roullete picked. Maybe Kid’s roullete stopped in the arm ;).

What about Shanks

In the scenario that Big Mom wasn’t actually the Yonkou the alliance was targeting, we can only conclude that they were targeting Shanks. The outcome of that plan didn’t turn out well for Kid and the alliance. Shanks and his crew overwhelmed them, and Eustass Kid survived thanks to Shanks’s kindness.

How did he lose the arm?

We have seen Kid fight in the Sabaody Archipelago arc. There, he really captain eustass kidstruggled to repel all the iron that was thrown at him by the Pacifistas. We can see his hand covered in iron and him really having a hard time. We can only suspect that this is the way he lost his arm. He tried to defend himself and his crew against a really tough opponent, resulting in him putting too much strain in his hand. That way he ultimately damaged it for good.

What if he replaced it?

We can throw one more possibility on the table regarding the arm matter. What if he didn’t lose it, but instead decided to replace it with an iron hand, in order for him to become stronger? The hand connects with his body flawlessly and gives him better control, because he can also use his devil fruit to control it.

Who built the arm?

Well, Kid himself seems to be some kind of engineer(more on his role in a killer one piecebit). So, he could have made the arm himself. However, assuming he may have been in a bad state, having lost an arm, it could be that Killer built it for him. Killer wears this mask covering his face, that could possibly mean he is some kind of mechanic himself. After all, masks are worn by mechanics for protection, when they build stuff.

The connection with William Kidd

William Kidd was a famous real world pirate, who could possibly have served for inspiration in the design of the character of Eustass Kid. He was a torturer of pirates and a total sociopath, pretty much similar to Eustass.

What’s more interesting about William Kidd is that he had a father named Captain John. Captain John was thought to have one of the biggest pirate treasures hidden in someplace. However, Captain John was lost at sea, never to be found again.

The Thriller Bark Captain John

Remember the Thriller Bark arc? A dead pirate named Captain John appeared there. He also had a renowned treasure. A treasure that Buggy wanted and searched for more specifically. What if that Captain John was Kid’s father? He got lost at sea and his treasure was never to be found. That can explain two things about Eustass.

Firstly, the fact that he wants to find One Piece and become the Pirate King. Maybe related to the treasure of his father. Secondly, his bad attitude and personality could stem from the fact that he was mocked during his youth. Imagine others telling him that his father’s treasure was a hoax! That could only result in him hating people.

Is Eustass Kid strong?

He was introduced as one of the top Supernovas. However, we saw him lose his arm and suffer an overwhelming defeat from Kaido as well. Seems he’s not living up to his potential. Could it be that Eustass isn’t as strong as we thought?

Well, that we can only learn in time. After all, his opponents were not forces to laugh at. They were Yonkous for God’s sake! However, a fact for me remains. His bounty was higher than it should, because he and his crew were harsh in their ways, resulting in many civilians getting hurt. That means that Eustass Kid isn’t as powerful as Law and Luffy. At least that is my speculation.

His role in his shipeustass kidd one piece

Law is a doctor and the captain of his crew. So, it could be that Kid also
has an additional role. He could be a mechanic. He uses metal as his power and was shown as a little boy with a little robot, which shows he likes to fix stuff. However, Killer could be his mechanic as well. What if Kid is a shipwright? Quite possible if you ask me.

What do you think?

These were today’s thoughts about the Captain Eustass Kid. What do you think happened to him during the One Piece timeskip? Do you like the William Kidd connection? Do you think he could be a shipwright or just a mechanic? Also, just how strong is he really? Share your thoughts in the comments below minna! Don’t forget to like our facebook page for updates and join our inner circle of anime enthusiasts by signing up for our newsletter in the sidebar. For the best One Piece resources, check our recommendations page here. Cheers!

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6 thoughts on “Captain Eustass Kid One Piece – What happened to him during the timeskip?”

  1. Well, all of your theories are pretty spot on I would say. I think he lost his arm during a clash with Big Mom’s crew. He went up against Big Mom but ultimately lost. As a result, he had to play Big Mom’s ‘roulette game’. And, he rolled an arm probably. So he got spared after cutting off his own arm. Just my thoughts.

    1. Oh yes, the roullete game of Big Mom. Tottaly forgot to add that bit to the theory. Thanks a lot Andrew for the reminder! 🙂 Will update the theory and add this one!

  2. That’s actually a pretty darn interesting thought you got there!

    It makes a lot of sense that he lost his arm in a fight with a Yonko, and you can’t quite be an uber-pirate without an arm (unless you are Shanks!), so he obviously needed to find an alternative.

    That didn’t help him though…

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Hey Vlad! I see you are a fellow Shanks fanboy :P. Not sure if the hand didn’t help or the fact that he encountered Kaido, haha. Cheers!

  3. Hello,

    I know I place this comment after a long time since this post is in the air. However I have a theory about the scar that Kid has. I believe Jack, one of the calamaties of Kaido, is the one that put that scar on him in the timeskip!

    I dont know about the loss of his arm though. But if you look at the weird shaped swords Jack has, its identical the scar Kid recieved on his face. Im quite interested in why and how they fought but im almost certain Jack is the one that put that scar on Kids face! Just look at images of Jacks swords and Kid’s scar!

    Jack could also have cut Kids arm, Kid being naive in the new world and thinking he can defeat everyone. But that I dont really know. The loss of his arm could also have happened due to a different person.


    1. Hey mate!
      Awesome theory you got there and it goes along well with the fact that Kid encountered Kaido and lost to him. Maybe Kaido took him prisoner and Jack then gave him the scar? Or maybe Kaido’s crew came to find him after he fell off the sky island and met with the Kid-Apoo-Hawkins alliance? Thanks for contributing bro! Appreciate it ;)!

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