How to cosplay Trafalgar Law – A do it yourself guide

trafalgar law hoodie

With this post i want to introduce a new category of posts, that was much needed. The cosplay category. I know many of you love the art of cosplay, so i decided to get my own recommendations out in the world as well. We’ll start with a guide on how to cosplay Trafalgar Law, the Surgeon of Death. Before we move further, you can always check out our article on his crew, the Heart Pirates(spoiler warning of course ;)).

I have myself cosplayed Law, as you can see in the embarassing image i my trafalgar law cosplayam sharing(a bit of alcohol never hurt anyone :P). I am in no respects an expert on cosplaying, far from it. I will just be sharing the accessories and pieces of clothing i would personally choose. That way i can maybe save you some time searching and choosing yourself, or maybe give you some inspiration, should you be feeling stuck. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the recommendations.

The hat

The signature feature of every Law cosplay should definitely be his black and white hat. The pre and post timeskip hats of his are similar in colour, but a bit different in shape, so here we have two different recommendations, depending on the choice between pre and post timeskip Law.

For the pre-timeskip hat, among the different choices that are available, my personal favorite is the following.trafalgar law hat At 23 dollars, its quality is top notch. I believe we should not compromise the quality of the cosplay with a low quality hat. It is one of the most important parts of it.

–>>Check it out here<<–

As far as the post timeskip hat is concerned, the one i recommend how to cosplay trafalgar lawis a bit pricey, but it has the best design of the black dots. The cheaper ones seemed a bit, well cheap :P.

–>>Check it out here<<–

The hoodie

Another core part of a Trafalgar Law cosplay is his signature hoodie. I trafalgar law hoodiepersonally love the Jolly Roger of the Heart Pirates, and i do have a hoodie myself ;). Besides the cosplay, you can wear it easily as an everyday
hoodie, not a bad investment if you ask me. Some of the hoodies out in the market, are basically T-shirts with long sleeves and a hood. Cheap design. The one i recommend is a real hoodie and its materials are of top quality. Don’t judge me, i love real hoodies, can’t stand those fake ones :P.

–>>Check it out here<<–

His post time skip coat

After the timeskip Law mainly appears with a nice, long, black coat. I suggest two choices here, the one with Corazon’s mark on it, from the fight with Doflamingo and the classic one. Both are of top notch quality, you can’t go wrong with either one of them.

trafalgar law coat

–>>Check the classic one here<<–

–>>Check the Corazon coat here<<–

law corazon coat

His blue spotted trousers

Another essential part of any Trafalgar Law cosplay costume is his pants. trafalgar law trousers
The ones i recommend here are hand made, of high quality material and can be made in many different custom sizes, for everyone’s need.

–>>Check it out here<<–

Just choose your size and the price will appear, ready for you to order ;).

The sword

The most important tool of a swordsman like Law. A quality replica of his surgeon of death replicasword will certainly elevate your cosplay to new heights. There is a whole collection of different replicas of One Piece swords, which i have reviewed here, including Law’s. For easy reference, my top pick for Trafalgar Law’s sword would be the following.

–>>Check the sword out here<<–

His shoes

As fas as Law’s shoes are concerned, any pair of shoes/boots that are of trafalgar law cosplay shoesbrown/black colour will do the job. So you can easily use a pair of your own and cut the budget down. However, if you are thinking you may want to buy a pair, there is a particular pair that i found is almost identical to his, at least it is a lot closer to his shoes than the others i saw. They are a nice pair of shoes, that you can of course wear in your everyday life as well. They are a bit formal though, so if you want to combine a formal shoe with a cosplay shoe, you found it :P.

–>>Check them out here<<–

His face

There are three main things you have to incorporate in your cosplay for it cosplay body markertrafalgar law fake beard
to be complete, regarding Law’s face. First, comes his goatee. You can either trim it on your own, or if you don’t have facial hair, use
an alternative of fake facial hair. Either get a fake goatee like this one

and trim it to your needs. Or just use a body marker like this one
and paint the details of the beard or the whole beard yourself.

Regarding his make up i would suggest that you either use the body marker from above, if you want something simple. If you prefer something more cosplay make-up setelaborate, purchase or get someone to lend you their make-up set if you don’t own one. A cheap and high quality one that i found is perfect for many different cosplays.

–>>Check it out here<<–

Then, consult the following guide ,which i found quite descriptive and easy to follow. As fas as the contact lenses are concerned, the best place i found to buy every colour you like, is a website called Eyecandys. Be sure to check it out.

If your hair is not like Law’s, just check out a simple wig like this one. You can easily trim it to make it look a lot more like Law’s.

–>>Check the wig here<<–

To complete the look, if you don’t have holes in your ears, just use some law fake earringsnice fake earrings.

–>>Check some fake earrings here<<–

His tattoos

For the DEATH tattoo on his fingers i strongly suggest this collection of trafalgar law cosplay tattoosletter tattoos. They are perfect for the job ;).

–>>Check them out here<<–

cosplay tattoo markerAs far as his body tattoos are concerned, i would either use the body marker we suggested above, or use this excellent tattoo body marker, for something of higher quality.

–>>Check the tattoo marker here<<–

That’s it

That was about it for today. It was our first tutorial on how to cosplay Trafalgar Law and i would appreciate your comments. Do you like our suggestions or have one of your own? I can certainly include it in the guide, so please share.

If it’s your first time here, don’t forget to:

Thanks, minna and I’ll see you next time!

6 thoughts on “How to cosplay Trafalgar Law – A do it yourself guide”

  1. Very useful article! Please do some more of the same kind with other characters! halloween is around the corner!

  2. Very Cool – I love One Piece! I gotta admit that the coats and hoodie look really cool. I’m not a cosplayer, but I could see myself wearing those.

    But no way I’m wearing those paints! Too much for this guy. Halloween is only a week away. What a great post to come across.


    1. Hey Nick! Yes Halloween is coming so that is my contribution to the craze :P. I may try to write one more guide like this one till it comes. It could prove to be helpful for some people. I agree that the pants are too much. Don’t really advice them if you are not cosplaying Law, haha! Thanks for the input 🙂

  3. Hey, these are great stuff that is great for Halloween. Just in time, Halloween is just a few days away. I really like the spotted blue pants, for some reason. I liked your video tutorial too it was really helpful. Do you dress up like this on Halloween yourself? Is it fun?

    1. Yes the tutorial can indeed be really helpful for the upcoming Halloween and any cosplaying for that matter. Just a caveat. The video tutorial wasn’t mine, just a guy from youtube who is unbelievable with make up tutorials, so i thought i might recommend it. I don’t cosplay during Halloween. I’m from Greece, specifically Patras. We have a famous carnival here. That’s when i dressed as Law. 🙂

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