Who is the mother of Luffy – Roger’s sister?

who is the mother of luffy

Well, Eichiro Oda has a thing for mothers :P. I know this is a bold statement, but think about it for a while. Most characters’s mothers in One Piece are either dead or their whereabouts are unkown, which will probably result in them getting killed in a flashback :P. We don’t even know who is the mother of Luffy. So, lets explore some interesting possibilities about it.

We know that Luffy is the son of Dragon and grandson of Garp. So far so good. We also know that he was raised by Dadan, under the orders of his grandfather. Dadan is the woman who also had Ace in her care and later Sabo. She was the one who was looking after the three brothers. But what about Luffy’s real mother? She has never even been mentioned by Oda after all these years.who is the mother of luffy

Oda’s thing with mothers

Oda has told us really few regarding the mothers of many major characters. We don’t know anything about Luffy’s, Zoro‘s or Brook’s. Also, Nami’s mother died in a flashback, as well as Robin‘s and Usopp’s. Even Chopper’s heard abandoned him and Sanji‘s mother seems to have a sad story. Not to mention characters like Rebecca in the Dressrosa Arc. Why is Oda doing this?

Firstly, it’s obvious that he wants to create painful backstories about our favorite characters. Sympathy is the feeling that will lead us to resonate with them. Furthermore, it’s quite fitting for the role of a pirate. They are people who have been hurt in the past, who have no family or home to get back to. It’s only logical for them to search for adventure, for something to fill their lives with excitement and a sense of family, which is their crew.

Roger’s sister?

Lets not deviate further. It’s time to analyze our basic theory regarding Luffy’s mother. I scoured the web to get theories and ideas(i will mention some crazy and quite funny ones in the end of the post), and i believe this to be the best one of the theories that exist.

First of all, many have stated that Luffy resembles Roger a bit. He’s not a son of his, so how can that be? They look alike in appearance and have a really similar attitude. The theory says that Luffy is the son of Roger’s little sister. That girl was the woman of Monkey D Dragon.gol d roger

How did the story go about?

What happened is that Roger told everything he learnt about the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom to Dragon. That was in fact one of his motivations to create the Revolutionary Army and decide to overthrow the World Government. But i believe it wasn’t the only reason.

When Luffy’s mother was about to give birth, Dragon was already setting his plans of the revolutionary army. That is when the World Government decided to arrest his family. And the person who most probably could lead them to Dragon was his wife.

However, she wasn’t ignorant about all of that. She saw it coming, so she decided to take action to save her child, Luffy. That was the reason Luffy was given to Garp to take care of. Who better than him, one of the most well respected Marines, to protect him?

Another possibility is that something happened to her and Dragon was the one who gave Luffy to Garp, before he left to organise his revolutionary army. Either way, the question is, what happened to Luffy’s mother/Roger’s little sister?one piece dragon tattoo

Luffy’s mother

There are some possibilites here. She could have been killed by the World Government. She could still be with Dragon undercover. Or she could have been caught, to be interrogated. What if she somehow escaped custody? If this has happened, she probably is staying undercover in a far away island, or with her man Dragon, or maybe vagabonding around the world. She could even be a pirate who knows :P.

World Noble

Another interesting idea is that Luffy’s mother is a Tenryubito, a World Noble. A woman who wasn’t allowed to wed a man who isn’t a noble, like Dragon. That’s why she had to be punished for what she did, either by being killed or by making her marry a true noble instead. What if she is to this day?

The only way to save her child was to give him to Garp. Garp himself may have pleaded, in order to save his grandchild. However, because Garp and i suppose Luffy’s mother are strong people with pride, i don’t deem this scenario so probable.


There has been some word around the web that Oda said that both Luffy’s parents have been introduced. While i believe this to be a myth, lets explore the possibility. Could Dr Vegapunk be a woman, and Luffy’s mother for that matter?

If not, could her be a revolutionary woman already seen with Dragon in some banner? It can be a possibility.

Roger’s execution

Roger’s execution was the turning point for Dragon. That was when he decided to finally oppose the World Goverment with all his might. A possible connection is Dragon’s face tattoo. He didn’t have it in the execution. He decided to get it after it, so that he could show his conviction. Another possibility is that is has something to do with his devil fruit. But this is a topic of another post.

The funny mentions

In my world wide web search for possible theories regarding today’s topic, some of them really made me laugh. So, for your entertainment, here are some of the most hilarious ones.

Croco mom theory

Some have said that Crocodile can be Luffy’s mom. He has some scars, so why not? Maybe Emporio Ivankov did the surgery :D.

Dragon mom

Why not take the idea and expand it? Ivankov changed Dragon to a woman, he gave birth to Luffy and then he changed him back :P.

Ivankov himself

Because why not guys :P.

Jwellery Bonnie

Her fruit can change her age right? She is an old woman who gave birth to Luffy. Logical reasoning :P.

I really want some theories like those in the comments :D.

Well, that was about it for today’s post. Do you think we came close to answering who is the mother of Luffy? I want both your serious and your ridiculous/funny theories/ideas in the comments.

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Thanks, minna and I’ll see you next time!

20 thoughts on “Who is the mother of Luffy – Roger’s sister?”

  1. Lots of cool theories. love it!

    One Piece is the best manga of all time. No one knows who she is for sure but most people point to Luffy‘s mother as being the sister of Roger.

    Oda said he’s drawn Luffy’s parents already which means we HAVE seen her in the manga. I believe she is one of the woman we saw together with Dragon in the Revolutionary Army.

    1. Hey Andrew! One Piece really is the best. I have also heard what you said about Oda. If it were to be true i would believe it is a woman from the Revolutionary Army indeed. However, i think this quote from Oda must a myth. Anyway we’ll see. Thanks for the input. Waiting for more input in the other theories as well :). Cheers!

  2. Even with everything that was said during marineford, i still believe that luffy is roger‘s son , because you gotta remember Garp vouched with his life to protect the identity of rogers son; Why would he break that promise, also he promised to never let anything happen to Gol. D. Son and when Ace was a bout to executed Garp was emotional however he didn’t react much. However when they decided to strike luffy he went ballistic, now I get it garp is luffy “grandfather”,but since we known garp we knew that he is a hardcore by saying that everyone chooses their own path; therefore making it okay for ace to be execute because he choose that way of life, however luffy choose his way of life as well but garp is always watching out for him wouldn’t it be due to the fact that he can’t bring himself to break that promise ??

    1. Well okay, i can certainly understand your way of thinking. However, i don’t really like that theory. I believe Luffy being Dragon‘s son and Garp failing in protecting Roger‘s son, is really nice the way it is as a story. Garp just couldn’t help to break his promise, so he was deeply hurt that he let Ace die… Nothing more to it than that in my opinion.

    2. you need to remember that Roger died 4 years prior to Luffy being born, give or take a year. I think its possible that Ace and Luffy are half brothers though sharing the same mother, and that though Ace had Gol D Rogers blood, Luffy is infact Gol Re incarnated much like the millennial dragons whom are reborn which I believe to be the power of the D that though they die they are born again to continue living on there dreams

  3. I think the theory of luffy’s mother is Roger‘s little sis is the one we can belive for now… Because at logue town dragon was there and it’s her hometown as it’s hometown of Roger too… Maybe dragon came to met her there… And we may have seen her in crowd but failed to recognize…

  4. I believe Luffy‘s mother at least have same name as Gol D. Roger. So its possible Luffy’s mother is Roger’s little sister. We know that after Roger’s execution everything related to him hunted by government. His hometown in Loguetown. Maybe his relative still live there under disguise. Why Dragon there when Roger executed? To pay his tribute and tell Roger that his relative is safe. The question is how old was Roger when he left Loguetown if its really Luffy’s mother is Roger’s relative? Its rare case to have little sister in adult age like Roger when he departed for his journey.

    1. I see your point here. However, it could be that she was born after Roger departed for the journey or something like that. I like your idea regarding Roger’s relatives being in Loguetown in disguise, or at least some of them. Thanks for your ideas Melville! Be sure to like our facebook page for updates and check out our new t-shirt shop! Cheers!

  5. Another interesting idea is that Luffy’s mother is a Tenryubito, a World Noble. A woman who love the admiral dragon when he was young and Tenryubito dicover that so the want to punished her and the put her in some kind of preson and dragon leaved the marine to free his wife

  6. If it were to believe that Luffy’s mom is Roger’s sister then lets’ look at the facts, shall we ?
    In Roger’s Ship, the Oro Jackson there was no chef to be seen in previous calls so what if, the cook is Roger’s sister and she traveled with him in the Ancient Kingdom and learnt about the Void Century.
    She then came back with Roger, Roger and Dragon shared facts on the Ancient Kingdom, and Dragon married his sister to keep her safe. Later while he was still following his father’s footsteps Monkey D. Garp on becoming a marine, he sent her enforced to the last island Raftel to keep her safe from anyone without noticing, still learning about Ancient Kingdom. While parting she surrendered Luffy to Dragon. For the Revolutionary Army plan to be enforced, Roger gave Luffy to Garp and parted ways from his son. After Roger’s execution Dragon executes his plans on Revolutionary Army and seeks to overthrow the World Government. Till the date I presume Luffy’s Mom is in the Last Island – Raftel waiting for the next Pirate King to uncover the secrets about the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom.
    Just a theory though.

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