Straw Hat Luffy Grand Fleet – What will be the major incident?

straw hat luffy grand fleet

In today’s post we will be talking about the Straw Hat Luffy Grand Fleet, its true power and the major incident it is supposed to cause in the future of the series. But first things first, what is the Grand Fleet of the Straw Hats and how did it come about?

For those unfamiliar with the Dressrosa Arc, the Strawhat Grand Fleet was formed at the end of the arc, after Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo. It is comprised of seven organisations, that are represented by certain gladiators who participated in the Corrida Colloseum, and helped Luffy and the others at the fight against the Donquixote Family.straw hat luffy grand fleet

The Straw Hat Luffy Grand Fleet

Lets briefly state the seven groups and their respective leaders.

  1. Cavendish leading his crew of the Beautiful Pirates(75 members)
  2. Bartolomeo leading his crew the Barto Club(56 members)
  3. Sai leading the Happo Navy(1000 members)
  4. Ideo leading the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance(4 members)
  5. Leo leading the Tonta Corps, the military forces of the Tontatta Kingdom(200 members)
  6. Hajrudin leading his all-giant pirate crew called the New Giant Warrior Pirates(5 members) and last but not least,
  7. Orlumbus leading the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet(4300 members!)

All the leaders and some members of the crews participated as gladiators at the Corrida Colosseum and were turned into toys by Sugar. Because they were saved by the whole operation of the Straw Hat-Law alliance, and the victory of God Usopp against Sugar, they all decided to help the Straw Hats during the fight against the Donquixote Family. After this was over, they decided to dedicate their powers to Luffy and the Straw Hats, forming the Grand Fleet.straw hat grand fleet

Power and bounties

The crew is immensely powerful, if we consider the fact that they are all crews who have managed to survive in the New World. As well as that, some of the leaders have even defeated executives of the Donquixote Family. The whole fleet numbers 5640 members in total(making it the largest known pirate group) and their bounties combined are second only to the Beasts Pirates of Kaido and the Straw Hat Pirates. However, we don’t currently know the bounties of other powerful crews to compare.

Power ranking of the commanders

It’s really interesting to try and gauge the power ranking of the leaders of the seven groups. Lets first note that i don’t really think the way the seven fleets are numbered is according to their power. This was just a technical ranking i believe.

For the weakest leader, i believe that would be Leo. The tontattas are really versatile and very useful indeed. However, i don’t think his personal power can go above the other leaders.

The next one must be Orlumbus. Yes he has the largest crew and he must be a great leader and strategist, but it compensates for his lack of personal power. After all, he lost to an executive and that is Lao G.

Next up is Ideo, a determined and powerful fighter, but nothing too special here compared to the others higher in this list.

Bartolomeo with his interesting devil fruit ability and his determination to do everything to win, is one of the strongest commanders of the Grand Fleet, and certainly one of the most loyal ones.

Hajrudin is next. The fact that he is a giant means that he is extremely powerful and tough. However, Bartolomeo may be stronger, this is a tough call.

The second strongest must be Cavendish because of Hakuba. In Hakuba form Cavendish is immensely powerful. However, the fact that he doesn’t control this power keeps him from being the strongest Commander.

The strongest commader of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is Sai. He is now as strong as his grandfather, Don Chinjao, a man of 500 million bellie bounty. Lets not forget that Chinjao fought on par with Garp in his prime years! He is a leader of 1000 men as well. What’s not to like?strawhat grand fleet

Straw Hat similarities

The commanders have some similarities with the Straw Hat crew. We have to point out the Monster Trio similarities. Luffy with Sai(both monkies, famous grandfathers, black hair), Sanji with Cavendish(blonde princes), Zoro with Bartolomeo(green hair, former bounty hunter/mafia leader). Imagine the six of them fighting side by side! The 7 commanders could also link to a fight of them with the 7 Shichibukai or maybe a connection to the 7 deadly sins(Bartolomeo lust, Cavendish envy, Orlumbus gluttony because of huge fleet etc.)

The “certain incident”

It was stated by Oda in the manga, that the grand fleet will cause a certain incident in the future of the series. The most possible scenario is that they will take part in the final war along with Luffy. He will need their aid in a full scale war like that. They will probably appear much like Whitebeard‘s Grand Fleet appeared, in the War of the Best at Marineford.

The incident of just being a part of that upcoming war is enough for it to be deemed important and mentioned like that by Eichiro Oda. After all, it will be the most important war to date, that will change the tides of history for ever and bring new balances all over the One Piece universe. strawhats grand fleetHowever, knowing the nature of the Straw Hats and most of the members of the Grand Fleet, there is another possibility as well.

What i do believe is possible, is that they may take part in an incident that will cause the beginning of the war. Possibly through a foolish act, or maybe a really bold one(are those two many times the same? :P), they will light the spark that will engulf the seas in a war never before witnessed. It may very well be the Great War Kaido has already foreshadowed.

More members

Lets not forget that the sheer number of members the fleet has can mean great danger to others and will possibly stir things up in the New World just by existing. I also believe that there is a possibility for the remnants of the Whitebeards and possibly Marco to join the Grand Fleet as well, which will mean even more members and more power.

How will they be summoned?

I don’t really believe Luffy will summon his commanders. He didn’t even want to be considered their boss to start with. He may only do so in a situation that he will believe is of utmost importance.

What i think the most possible is that they will come help of their own decision. They may see the danger through Luffy’s vivre card, or just hear the news or read the newspaper and see that something important is about to go down, with Luffy and the Straw Hats as a part of it. Then the epic entrance of them will happen, probably in a dire situation, in order to turn the tides of the battle around.

Will they help with a Yonkou?

I don’t think they’ll come help in every Yonkou fight. They may help by distracting the respective Yonkou’s forces somewhere else. If they helped with someone, that would most probably be Kaido with his army of beasts.

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16 thoughts on “Straw Hat Luffy Grand Fleet – What will be the major incident?”

  1. Hi there,

    Interesting theory here. Although I’m not sure I’d agree with the power ranking, I can see your logic. I’m also not so sure Luffy wouldn’t summon his commanders as the situation would seem pretty dire, but I agree if he didn’t his commanders would come of their own volition. As a new learner, I’ll be sure to check out your Facebook page, thanks for the link. Look forward to hearing more!

    1. Thanks a lot Maggie! Luffy is so idiotically brave that he wouldn’t think too much of backup. That’s my reasoning, he would just charge in. I also believe that the ranking can be questionable. For example, i believe Barto may just be stronger than Hajrudin. We’ll see in the future. Cheers!

  2. Hey i had exactly the same thoughts regarding this theory! Glad i’m not the only one out there! 🙂 i’m a fan of your page you know, i read every single post you make!

  3. I think luffy really will be captured because gear 4th takes way too much haki and almost destroys the body. So if he goes gear 5 it will slowly kill him. I think this will lead to the capture of monkey d luffy by the marines. Not all marines think like smoker! I think after he’s captured history will repeat and impel down or the execution of luffy will be attacked by the grand fleet and renaming straw hats (I think someone important will die) if doflamingo made luffy go the distance, how will he defeat big mom or kaido? And we all know luffy and zoro are too cocky and stupid to notice this lol

    1. Really interesting ideas. I may even add them to the main theory! Love the possibility that Luffy will be captured sometime in the future, due to gear 5th taxing his body too much and leaving him unconscious or something. The role of the grand fleet will be major then and we may be looking forward to a really emotional arc, with the possible death of an important crew member, why not! As for Zoro and Luffy being too cocky and not ready to defeat Kaido or Big Mom 1v1, i think that’s certain. Thanks for the input!

      1. I’ve watched in binge form at times from the beginning, Gear 5th(poss.) wouldn’t be taxing, in my opinion gear 2nd was taxing when it was introduced, but now he uses it as will whenever he wants, he only could use it twice when he faced CP9. i just think he will work with it and learn how to make it less taxing on his body. Gear 3rd used to make him small, now he doesn’t go small any more. The more he fights with it the stronger he gets. I do however believe he will unlock the Awakening of his Devil fruit before there is a Gear 5th.

        1. Well, it’s only natural for Luffy to get better at using the different gears. On the other hand, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have a negative effect on his health and body. As for the Awakening, you can always check out our beautiful theory(shameless promotion :D).

  4. I think this big event will be the grand gleet’s crusade-like voyage to find luffey together with luffy’s crew after the end of a certain ark of which will ensure another time skip.

  5. Hey Sir! I got so excited when you talked about the possible epic entrance! OMG even imagining it gives me goosebumps right now! HAHA. Thank you for your theories Sir.

  6. It is my speculation that there will be time skip in kaido arc. In this period, Luffy will train under some legendary big shot. So will the mugiwaras(straw hats). The grand fleet can find him using the vivire card but under orders or something the fleet will find the others first and then go to luffy’s position. After that they will take down the yonkou Kaido. That will be the major incident. In that time skip Luffy might awaken his devil fruit’s power. It will be fun to see that.

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