One Piece Zoro Eye – Training method or demonic power?

Zoro Thriller Bark

The first mate of Mugiwara no Luffy is a person who at first didn’t even want to join the crew. The former pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro, the man aspiring to become the world’s greatest swordsman. Today’s blog post title is One Piece Zoro Eye, a big mystery surrounding the two year time skip and what exactly happened in the training Zoro had with Mihawk.

The strongest in the crew after Luffy and the person with the highest bounty after him. Part of the monster trio along with Luffy and Sanji and also part of the twelve Supernovas, who were called “The Worst Generation”. After all, the description of them must have been accurate :P.

What happened with Mihawk?

After the two year time skip, Zoro appeared with a scar in his left eye and the eye itself closed. Many speculations have arisen, each one exploring a different scenario. The only fact that is almost certain, is that it must have happened in the time Zoro spent training with Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk One Piece Zoro Eyehas been shown in a scene from their training being really harsh with Zoro, asking him not to drink booze while they did train. That essentialy shows the type of teacher he is. So, there are two ideas basically that have to do with the way the scar came about.

Just an injury

The straightforward idea would be that Zoro just got injured. It is only logical, after all he was training with one of the greatest swordsmen alive. Maybe he got injured in a harsh training session. Or even in a sparring one vs one battle with Mihawk. All viable scenarios, but could it be that there is more to it than meets the eye? I can’t really believe that Eichiro Oda would explain the scar with such a boring story. So, onwards with some more interesting ideas.

Swordsmen train like that

Let’s start with something many of you probably have noticed and could potentially have some meaning regarding the scar. It is that many powerful swordsmen possess some kind of scar in their faces. Take for example the Dark King and first mate of Gol D Roger, Silvers Rayleigh. He has a scar in his right eye, the only difference with Zoro being that Rayleigh’s eye is open(we’ll come later to a possible reason). Also, admiral Isshou who is a renowned swordsman has scars in his face(note as well that he is blind). What could that mean? It is quite probable that swordsmen give some of their vision away, in order to heighten their other senses.

Swordsmen must use Kenbunshoku Haki to the highest level in order to One Piece Zoro Eyesense things around them. So, it is only logical that this could be a way for them to train themselves. They abandon their vision or some of it, thus training other senses and that way unlocking ultimate swordsman abilities. You must feel pain in order to grow stronger, and powerful swordsmen may have to live with that motto, if the theory is correct.

A hidden demon?

We have all seen Zoro perform a technique mentioning some demonic spirit called Ashura. A form appeares around him and his attack is fierce. This must be the manifestation of his inner spirit actually, giving power to his attacks and techniques. One might now ask, what that has to do with the scar and the closed eye? Well, what if Zoro has his eye closed as a way of sealing power inside? When he does open it in the right moment, the power will be unleashed and he will be virtually unstoppable. The demon Ashura will manifest in its full form, aiding Zoro to become the fiercest swordsman who ever lived. It is after all a common theme for characters in anime, to keep their fiercest powers sealed in some way. Take for example Zaraki Kenpachi in Bleach or even Tsunade in Naruto for those familiar.

A traditional pirate

If someone researches a bit about real life pirates, will find something quite interesting. Pirates didn’t have eye patches because they had an injured eye(okay some may had :P). They kept the patch in order to keep one of their eyes accustomed to the dark and the other to the light. Well, what if we expanded the idea to One Piece and Zoro’s closed eye? Could it really be that he keeps his eye closed in order to train? Maybe keep it that way for the sake of haki training?

Controlling the demons?

It is a fact that Zoro possesses cursed swords. Cursed swords as we all know have demons in them, demonic spirits like Ashura mentioned above. In order for him to master his sword techniques, Zoro must be in good terms with the demons inside his swords, maybe even take control over them. That’s why he keeps the demons inside him, to use them in order to be strong. That theory could also explain the reason Zoro sleeps a lot, tries to meditate and also drinks sake. These are all ways for him to stay calm and in control of the demons inside him.

His pride?

When he appeared in front of Mihawk and asked him to train him, Zoro had to basically give up his pride. You go back to the person you aspired to One Piece Zoro Eyesurpass after he defeated you and what do you do? You don’t challenge him, you just ask him for his help. That requires that you do swallow your pride. So, could it be that he went so far as to cut his own eye? Could that be an act of giving up his pride for good, in order to become stronger? Did he sacrifice his eye for that? Considering it is Zoro, it seems possible.

The troll theories

There have been so many ideas about Zoro’s closed eye, that i can’t help myself but mention the hilarious ones. Could it be that Roronoa Zoro is so aloof that he closed his eye and forgot to open it again? Does he actually have a sharingan?(for naruto fans) Has the eye socket become a fourth sword socket? Or is he just half sleeping till time skip? 😛

Why do you guys believe our favorite swordsman in One Piece Zoro keeps his eye closed? Is it some form of training or a hidden power is lurking? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “One Piece Zoro Eye – Training method or demonic power?”

  1. I used to be in the Military and closing one eye is certainly something we practised to make sure we could see in any situation.

    Maybe Zoro did get his butt kicked and was better off for it in order for him to grow?

    Did he intend on banishing his cursed swords which backfire?

    Personally I believe the truth is that he lost a dual but managed to survive although seriously hurt.

    Today what would otherwise be disability, havinf one eye has become an attribute added to armoury.

    Good article.


    1. Hello John, interesting experience you had there in the Military. I don’t think though that he lost some duel, it’s Zoro we are talking about here. Maybe he just was pushed to his limits by Mihawk. That i can believe.

  2. Well I don’t think he cut his eye because of shame, maybe he did it to look macho and scary lol… Anyhow the creator is surely successful in making it a mystery. I hope this will be kept a mystery for a longer period before the truth is revealed.

  3. Combination theory here: A: Zoro is left handed meaning he is left eye dominate. Meaning his right eye is weaker than left. He may have awakened a power in left eye and is now training right eye to the same strength level or he is just training in a disadvantageous position just like when he fought monkeys during training with Mihawk. Personally think it will end up being the power awakened since he was left hand/eye dominate so he is training right eye to same level to even out and to bring overwhelming ability. It probably a power or skill Mihawk had that he showed/taught Zoro

    1. I’m not that sure about the left-handed theory. I prefer the idea that he is somehow training with a disadvantage like you said or conserving power in his left eye, similar to what Tsunade from Naruto is doing on her forehead. Thanks for the input!

      1. Or maybe, just maybe, he played some sort of Davey back fight and he lost and had to give up his left eye :P…lol jk just a troll theory haha…but I really hope the hidden demon eye theory is what it is that would be badass!!!

  4. I think it could be to heighten his other sense or haki for his swordsmanship or he got injured by Mihawk while training

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