One Piece Luffy vs Zoro – Will Zoro leave the Straw Hats?

one piece luffy vs zoro

Hello everyone! This is not your typical post about who is stronger between Luffy and Zoro. Here we are gonna talk about a theory regarding the possibility that a Luffy vs Zoro fight will actually happen in One Piece.

We already know that both of them are ridiculously strong, but I don’t particularly care to discuss who is stronger between the two of them. If they did fight, Luffy would probably be the winner(after all he is one piece luffy vs zorothe main character), but certainly after a long and difficult fight.

What we are gonna talk about though is the possible evidence that foreshadow Zoro leaving the Straw Hats, resulting in a fight between him and Luffy, a fight between captain and vice-captain.

A repeating pattern?

At this point, we should remember that Usopp, Robin and Sanji are members that have already left the crew. Robin and Sanji in order to protect the Straw Hats, although Usopp left because of the different opinion he had regarding the Going Merry.

One Piece Luffy vs Zoro: The first clue

First of all, when Usopp had left, Luffy along with Chopper and Nami decided to go fetch him back. However, Zoro was the one who didn’t let them. He said that since Luffy and Usopp decided to fight, the outcome was entrusted to the match.

He then goes on to point that despite Luffy is an idiot, he is the captain’s crew, so he must be respected by everyone. Thus, he concluded that it’s better not to have someone in the crew who can’t pay his respects to Luffy. His reasoning being that if the captain loses his dignity than the crew will certainly collapse.zoro speech water 7

Zoro‘s speech is brought to a climax when he tells Luffy that if he goes on to humiliate himself and still pretend to be his leader, then Zoro will be the one to leave the crew. He also later asks if leaving the crew is such a simple thing.

Moreover, he says that in the future they can’t trust a guy who leaves the crew on a whim, such as Usopp. After all, they aren’t playing pirates like kids here!

Typical Oda foreshadowing?

The fact that Zoro said that he will leave the crew if Luffy humiliates zoro scolds luffyhimself could possibly be a classic foreshadow by Oda. From all this, it’s obvious that someone leaving the crew is really important to Zoro. As well, the person that seems to understand his logic more than anyone is Sanji.

He says so during Zoro’s speech at Water 7 and says so again in the most recent Whole Cake Island arc. His reasoning being that he disrespected and injured his captain to the best of his ability. He also believes that he no longer has the right to return to the ship.

Another point that must be stressed is that Nami said she will never nami forgive sanjiforgive Sanji. Furthermore, when they decided to work together, after all, she said that she is just putting this behind her for the time being since the tea party was just around the corner.

The main point to be made here is that to Zoro, Sanji and Nami the leader of the Straw Hats is really important. More so than we, the viewers, think.

The clue from Punk Hazard

Remember when Luffy was almost defeated by Ceasar? That was whenzoro luffy punk hazard Zoro essentially told him to stop messing around. He reminded him that they were in the New World now and a small slip-up could cost them their lives. After all, how could he hope to win against a Yonko if he lost to Ceasar Clown?

We don’t need to count the stupid things that Luffy has done thereafter, but he sure hasn’t been serious at all. He even recklessly decided to march into Big Mom’s territory, when they were already engaged against another YonkoKaido. Let’s remember that the Straw Hats were defeated not once, but twice and it’s almost a miracle that they will probably manage to escape from Whole Cake Island.

 The evidence here is that Zoro was against them going to save Sanji and zoro luffy zouadvised that they let him deal with his business alone. The point being that it was reckless to enrage another Yonko right after Kaido.

To make the point even stronger, remember when Pekoms was talking to Luffy about Sanji’s situation at Zou? Zoro was outside and when Luffy came out, said: “Hold your horses Mugiwara!, Didn’t I tell you to leave that idiot alone?”.

Disrespect and humiliation

When Sanji fought with Luffy at Whole Cake Island, he did just that. Tried luffy sanji fightto disrespect and humiliate him. The reckless behavior of Luffy could be regarded as him losing his dignity as a captain and putting the lives of the whole crew in danger.

The words of Zoro at Water 7 were exact. “Don’t hesitate, be decisive, that’s what a captain is. If you can’t be decisive, who can we believe in?”.

Eichiro Oda drops foreshadowing hints way before they are relevant. Could zoro threatens luffyhe have all this preplanned from chapter 6? This is where Zoro tells Luffy that if he did something that stands in the way of his goals, then he would have Luffy cut his stomach open to say sorry!

What about Thriller Bark?

In Thriller Bark Zoro decided to take all of Luffy’s pain and save his life Zoro Thriller Barkrisking his own. How could a man that believes wholeheartedly in Luffy actually leave the crew? Well, first of all, Zoro actually said that he puts Luffy becoming Pirate King above him becoming the greatest swordsman alive.

However, that essentially means that he can’t become the greatest swordsman without Luffy being the Pirate King. Basically, he needs Luffy in order to achieve his goal as well. The two of them are really complementary.

To conclude, much has changed since then and the Straw Hats have lost many times as well. Don’t forget SabaodyMarineford and Whole Cake Island. The seeds of doubt are already in Zoro’s head about Luffy’s leadership and will further be justified after he learns about the incidents of Whole Cake Island.

Be sure to check out the following video by Joy Boy Theories, which served as inspiration for today’s theory!

It’s certainly possible that he may leave the crew, resulting in Luffy taking the New World finally seriously and winning back his trust and respect. That’s it for today guyz. Let’s get the conversation started in the comments. Do you believe we will see a Luffy vs Zoro fight in One Piece?

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9 thoughts on “One Piece Luffy vs Zoro – Will Zoro leave the Straw Hats?”

  1. Excellent theory! I like how everything unfolds in the website and the offers to the right are clean. You touched on every point in your theory and yes I believe there will be a fight between them. I also think the fight will be tougher than expected. Thanks for the video link!

  2. A few Problems with your theory. Sanji apologized like Usopp. And clearly had a better reason to leave than Usopp, so it’s not the same thing, and Zoro will look pass that. Also, Zoro’s disdain about Sanji was more a playful call back to their rivalry, and not him actually wanting to leave Sanji behind. Lastly, Luffy was absolutely decisive when it came to Sanji, so to suggest Luffy was hesitant in his leadership skills is wrong. Latest chapters also enforce that he is being a very serious captain, but not being shook by Pedro’s death. I don’t think Zoro will leave the crew.

  3. Have you heard about the theory about Zoro being a “Pirate Hunter” in his bounty? I mean thats definitely ironic. And him being a pirate hunter would lead to “Won Peace” like him killing Luffy (With Luffy’s permission) to end the Pirate Era. I forgot where I read this theory but it seems plausible also. Btw, im new to this page so I may not know your previous theories or maybe you already mention this.

  4. I recently watched the entire one piece series. I had the same basic idea. Luffy doesn’t seem to take anything serious not even a yonko. Even though he lost badly. And i don’t think a foght between them would offer a decisive victor

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