World Government’s Goal in One Piece – And The Role of Shanks

The recent Reverie mini-arc revealed an interesting relationship between the guardians of Raftel, the Gorosei, and the Yonkou Shanks. He seemed to actually offer them advice over at Mariejois, something that surely sparked some discussion regarding his role. Today we are going to try and gain some insights about the aims of the World Government in One Piece, as well as the resulting relationships that stem from those aims, between them, the Yonkou, and the other important figures in One Piece. 

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The Best One Piece Anime Backpacks

Want to carry your favorite gear with style? Well, the best way to do that is with an anime backpack. We here at One Piece Theories understand the need and are here for the rescue. For that reason, we present today a list of our favorite one piece anime backpacks for you to choose from. Continue reading “The Best One Piece Anime Backpacks”

One Piece Wano Kuni – The Secret of Kaido

Today I would like to share a theory regarding the Wano Kuni, or the Wano Kingdom, and the secrets of Kaido in One Piece. As we all know, Kaido has factories of his own located all around the Wano Country. What’s interesting about these factories though is that they all seem to come out of rocks or small mountains. Continue reading “One Piece Wano Kuni – The Secret of Kaido”

One Piece Epic Moments – A top 10

Long time no see everybody. Here I give you today the top 10 One Piece epic moments, so that we can get fired up about our favorite anime once again! The reason is that One Piece Theories is making a comeback and what better idea than to recap? Continue reading “One Piece Epic Moments – A top 10”

The New Yonkou – More than four?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! May 2017 bring happiness, health and creativity to you and your special few ;). After a big holiday break(and some personal/work responsibilities after that :P) we are back with a theory about the New Yonkou and who they are gonna be in the future of the series. Continue reading “The New Yonkou – More than four?”