One Piece 926 Discussion – Luffy and Kid in Kaido’s Prison

one piece 926 discussion - luffy and kid in kaido's prison

Today we are going to initiate the discussion of the One Piece Manga Chapter 926, titled the Prisoner Mine.

With this chapter, we are going back to the end of Chapter 924, where we left Luffy and Kid back in Kaido’s prison.

The chapter starts off with the beautiful capital of Wano Kuni, the Flower Capital.

Rumours Spread in Wano

For some reason, a boy is spreading rumors about a ghost been seen in the northern cemetery.

A bit weird but probably a teaser for something cool Oda has in store.

But we also have some other news.

They have to do with Kamazou the Manslayer.

kamazou the manslayer
Kamazou the Manslayer – One Piece 926 Discussion

Maybe he has something to do with the Kozouki family?

Who knows?

The news continue to pile up.

Now we learn about the Robin Hood of Wano Kingdom, the Witching Hour Boy.

He seems to be stealing from the rich to give back to the poor, thus the Robin Hood nickname.

Maybe yet another retainer of the Kozouki family.

It remains to be seen.

Then we witness the next moves of the alliance.

God Ussop Makes His Moves

Kin’emon asked everyone to pass a paper around, and that’s exactly what Usopp does.

On top of that, he passes the paper to a samurai without him even noticing!

Good job God Ussop! 😛

usopp wano kuni
God Usopp in Wano Kuni – One Piece 926 Discussion

It’s interesting to note that the samurai has a crescent moon mark on his ankle, which of course means he’s a retainer of the Kozouki family.

After that, we have the chance to see other people that got the paper in their hands, most of them, retainers, but also Bepo among them.

It’s funny that we don’t get to see the faces of the first two people who got the paper in their hands, which may mean they are important figures that Oda doesn’t want to give away yet.

kozouki family retainers
The Kozouki Family Retainers? – One Piece 926 Discussion

Seeing more retainers, we learn from them that only the Samurais can hold weapons in Wano, which explains why people in the capital don’t carry any weapons at all.

Usopp thus far seems to have taken his job seriously, he’s working really hard and effective, gathering samurais, while running a small business as his disguise.

After Usopp we move to what seems to be a traditional japanese house of Lords or Daimyo.

Nami and Shinobu Spy

There is a classic pond with fish inside, as well as the Bamboo fountain known as Sozu in japanese.

It’s actually a device named shishi-odosi, which is used to scare away herbivores and protect the plants.

Quite interesting irrelevant information here :P.

the cat burglar nami
Nami and Shinobu spy – One Piece 926 Discussion

Moving on to the rest of the chapter.

Someone inside the house says that there is no need for a geisha.

Could that have to do with Robin‘s plan of infiltration?

Quite possible.

The two guys inside seem to talk about shipments of weapons.

In the attic, our cat burglar Nami hides trying to steal their plans away of course.

However, the bald guy somehow notices her and Shinobu (maybe observation haki??) and they barely avoid the attacks using Shinobu’s ninja powers.

Nami managed to get the port and time of the transaction, so maybe the alliance will try to steal the weapons there.

nami and shinobu flee
Nami and Shinobu escape – One Piece 926 Discussion

Sangoro or else Sanji

We then move on to Sanji, who is called Sangoro and seems to be running a Soba noodle shop in the capital.

Certainly Sanji’s noodles are gonna be awesome :P.

sanji as sangoro
Soba Noodle Master – Sangoro

However, there’s a shady figure in the background that seems to be keeping an eye on him.

Interesting to learn who it might be.

The Prisoner Mine

We finally get to the Prisoner Mine, where we learn that the prisoner’s get a Kibi-dango for a day’s work or for moving 5 rocks.

The Prisoner Mine is a harsh place to be I guess.

Ultimately, we see Luffy and Kid carrying a rock each with a lot of energy.

luffy and kid in prison
Kid Misses His Right Hand – One Piece 926 Discussion

It’s them after all.

Really interesting here, Kid misses his right metallic arm.

Seems that Queen, after all, had it in front of ‘her’ on the table during the end of the previous chapter 925.

Of course Luffy and Kid moved 500 rocks, so they have the priviledge to eat 100 kibi-dangos each.

Luffy and Kid eat kibi-dango in Kaido’s prison – One Piece 926 Discussion

Never expected less from them :P.

Also, Luffy talks to Kid with his new nickname, Jagged-guy, a reference to his jagged hair, but also similar to the way he refers to Law, Tra-guy.

Seems the top 3 of the Worst Generation are gathering together once again.

Remember this epic scene in Sabaody?

Dobon, the Warden of Kaido’s Prison

Then a weird hippo-man combination appears, the Warden of Kaido‘s prison Dobon who is, of course, a SMILE user as well.

hippo warden dobon
The Hippo-Warden Dobon – One Piece 926 Discussion

Let’s note here that we still see a mysterious man inside the prison.

Also, we see Caribou inside the prison, so of course he cannot be the mysterious man.

Maybe the person who will help or train Luffy and Kid?

We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

The hippo-warden thing-person tries of course to eat an old prisoner who dared to define the gifters of the prison regarding the food.

He then also tries to eat Luffy and Kid.

Let’s laugh together now.

Of course the duo defeat the Warden easily and save the old man prisoner from the hippo’s mouth.

Luffy and Kid – Unbroken?

It’s obvious that Luffy and Kid won’t get their spirits broken so easily. 

luffy and kid defeat dobon
Luffy and Kid in Kaido’s Prison – One Piece 926 Discussion

They also seem to get along well and have a positive influence on each other.

I suspect that in the next chapters we will witness harsher ways employed against the duo.

After all, the simple rules of the prison cannot affect those two.

That was it about this chapter.

Not much to talk about today compared to the previous chapter, which was epic in my opinion.

One Piece 926 Discussion – TLDR

In chapter 926 we saw Luffy and Kid being really energetic and high in spirit inside Kaido’s prison.

We also saw the alliance of the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates making its moves, among weird news that spread around Wano.

A small chapter and without many developments, let’s hope for more in chapter 927.

Question of the Day: How do you think Kaido will try to bend the spirits of Luffy and Kid in the next chapters? Share in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “One Piece 926 Discussion – Luffy and Kid in Kaido’s Prison”

  1. One piece is my childhood manga lol I am from Thailand, we were introduced bu mostly Japanese manga like detective Conan, Bleach, Naruto etc. when I grew up I had no idea what is the difference between Marvel and DC now I know since I live here in the States. Do you read manga or watch anime? I haven’t follow One piece in like forever, I am going back right at it after reading this post! So juicy. 

    Happy holidays

    1. Hey Nuttanee. Happy holidays back to you. Of course I read One Piece, since I am writing analyses of it here :). I love anime and manga in general. Some of my favorites are Attack on Titan, FMA Brotherhood, Code Geass, Naruto, and Fairytail among others of course. Glad you’ll go back to One Piece 😉

  2. Hey, I happened on your site and was strangely interested in your analysis of the chapter. After reading it I am interested in how many people read either yours or others like it. What a fascinating idea, I never would have thought to do something like this. This is awesome. What series is this? How long has it been around? 

    You see, I used to read graphic novels when I was younger but lost interest in them. My dad also used to collect them, but his mom (my grandma) sold them while he was in the army way back when. I think of it now and wonder how much would those be valued at by now. 

    I am somewhat interested in graphic novels and have an action Bible that my wife bought me a few years ago. Its in a sense the Bible in graphic novel style. It’s actually pretty cool they way that it is presented. Have you ever seen it? 

    By the way, nice analysis and synopsis of the chapter you covered here. I am sure it gives you plenty of content to write about. I can see this website going on a long time. 

    1. Hey Bob. Interested to know there are graphic novels even for the Bible! Who would have thought. The series is called One Piece. It’s actually a manga/anime, which is of course the japanese versions of graphic novels/animated series. It has to do with pirates and their quest to find the ultimate treasure, One Piece. It’s actually about dreams, caramaderie and adventure. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your post is great, the images you posted are beautiful. The narration of the story is exactly as it is. The way you get into characters is tremendous. I am not a fan of those stories but I loved your relate, the way you analyzed the chapter. It is a fantasy that people love. Great job! !

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