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Here we come with another post on One Piece Mini Figures. If you’ve missed our previous post regarding our favorite One Piece action figures, be sure to check it out as well.

I know what you guys love the most. I know what is one of the pleasures you feel most guilty about. Don’t fret, i’m not talking about your porn addiction or something like that :P. I’m talking about the habit of playing with your favorite characters from One Piece.

That’s why i’ve written a second post on the best one piece miniatures that are out there. I don’t want you to search blindly, so here are our favorite picks for today.

–>>To check out each figure, just click the respective image or just use the link in the description–<< 

Straw Hat Crew Bundlestraw hat crew bundle

Who wouldn’t love to have all the Straw Hats as mini figures? Here comes a really economic set of all the members in figure form. A perfect present for any young boy/girl who just loves One Piece, but not only. Who said grown ups couldn’t play as well? :P. We have 9 pieces to complete the whole crew, all ranging from 6 to 9 centimeters in height. Be sure to check this one out. Check it out here!

Dressrosa Arcdressrosa arc

Who loved the Dressrosa Arc? I certainly did. Sure, it had many similarities to the Alabasta Arc(or Arabasta for that matter :P), but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t epic. Very emotional and with unbelievable battles as well. Anyway, i got carried away :P.

The point i am trying to make is, wouldn’t it be unbelievable if you had some mini figures with the characters from the arc? Kyros, the Donquixote Family or even the beloved Rebecca <3. Just a disclaimer before you order. It seems that you can get one figure of your choice and the second one is random, though it’s not stated clearly. So, investigate in your order please, just to be on the safe side :). Best price here!

Donquixote Doflamingodonquixote doflamingo

Let’s top this recommendation off with the main antagonist of the arc, Donquixote Doflamingo. He was so evil and such a badass, that i believe you must certainly have him in your collection. But i didn’t tell you the best part about this one. It is a blind box. This means, that along with the Doffy mini figure, you get a second one as well. The second one is random once again, and it will be one of the following eight characters:

1.Doflamingo 2.Luffy 3.Soldier 4.Zoro 5.Sugar 6.Koala 7.Sabo (with or without hat) 8.Law (with or without hat). Do you feel lucky enough to get your favorite one? Do it now!

Alternative New World Charactersnew world characters

Another set that you will absolutely love comes from Bandai Tamashii Nations. The characters that distinguish this set from the others we suggested previously are: Ace, Ao Kiji or Kuzan, Admiral Akainu or Sakazuki, Usopp as Sogeking, Eustass Kid and Jewelry Bonney. If you love any one of those, don’t miss out on this one. The set is completed with Luffy, Brook and Cyborg Franky.

The figures are of extremely high quality, and there’s a big plus related to the blind boxes. No more overspending and relying on luck for your favorite figures. Here you get exactly what you order ;).

Chess Piecesone piece chess pieces

Do you want to take your chess games to the next level? No, i’m not selling any chess training guide unfortunately :P. Here we have chess pieces custom made for the characters of One Piece. Who doesn’t want a Nami-Queen or a Luffy-King? Come on, i know you do :).

This one doesn’t come without its downside though. It’s a blind box that contains one figure, and it is quite expensive i must say. On the other side, their quality is phenomenal, and i recommend them blindfolded to anyone who wants to change their chess board for the better. Please note that the figures are made of pvc. Find them here!

More chess pieceschess pieces

Excuse me guys, but i couldn’t help myself from recommending a second one. I like this collection of figures a lot, so i really believe you should absolutely check them out. The good thing about this one is that it is not a blind box, but a collection. So, it is an excellent choice for anyone who is on a budget. You get six unbelievable pieces in my opinion, for a really decent price.

CP9 Blindboxcp9 blindbox

We all loved the Ennies Lobby arc(i do say that for many arcs don’t i? :P). The plot twist regarding CP0 was incredible and the fight with Rob Lucci as well. The characters of CP0 were really interesting, so why wouldn’t you use one of them in your chess set? :P. Pick this blind box and if you get the one you wanted, please consider yourself lucky :).

End of chess 😛one piece magnets

I know i bored you with the chess pieces, so let’s get back to our last three suggestions, and they will be conventional. In this blind box, you can find beloved characters we didn’t include in the previous picks. Basille Hawkins, X Drake, Shanks, Silvers Rayleigh, Capone Bege, Killer, Mad Monk Urouge and Scratchmen Apoo can all be found in this very set. As you can see, many Supernovas are here. And they are nice little magnets! Lets finish with our last recommendations.

The Marine Choiceone piece marine figures

We focused a lot on pirates up to now, se lets end this one with a set of our “favorite” Marines. Smoker, Monkey D Garp and the old Admirals along with the former Fleet Admiral Sengoku all appear here. It’s a quite pricey 8 piece set, that is certainly worth it. Every dime you spend on this one won’t be regretted, believe me.

The Shichibukaishichibukai figures

Lets end it with the classic set of the old members of the Shichibukai.  Check this out, if you are a bit nostalgic of those days :P.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked our recommendations regarding One Piece Mini Figures. As always, share your favorite picks in the comment section below. Let’s get the conversation going. If you liked the post, check out our recommendations page for similar reviews. Also, give a like to our facebook page for our latest posts! 🙂

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Thanks, minna and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. On my perspective… you just create online shop. Will be better if you’re putting a picture and rewrite price tag, or make 1 item per page… you can find a theme that displays just picture and title, it will make it easier to navigate… instead displaying little picture and price tag… (i think, more charming)

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    1. Hello Martinus. I see what you’re talking about. However, this site is not a shop but a theory/review site. I will consider having some type of store ingrained to the website though, it could prove to be better :).

  2. I had no idea these figures even existed, maybe I’m too stuck on Legos 🙂
    There seem to be a figure for everyone to choose from.


  3. For fans of the anime this is a cool niche website. I love that we have this resource for reviews and theory crafting.

    Thank you for posting this and wish you the best

  4. hey! i bought 3 Supernova Mascot Relief Magnets and they are so nice! i’ll definitely purchase more for my one piece addicted friends! Thank you Antonis!

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