How Strong Is Big Mom In One Piece? – Is She A Former Homie?

how strong is big mom in one piece?

In the vast, pirate-laden seas of One Piece, there exists a queen in the form of Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom. This terrifying titan towers over even the hardiest of hearts and instills fear with her mere presence. From ruthless pirate captain to revered Yonko, or Emperor of the Sea, her ascent is a testament to her formidable strength. Her imposing figure may give you a hint, but the true question that lingers in the air is: “Just how strong is Big Mom in One Piece?”

how strong is big mom in one piece?

Grappling with Giants – The Strength of Big Mom

This blog post aims to answer this titanic question, delving into the nuances of Big Mom’s power and exploring the numerous facets that contribute to her overall strength. So grab your pirate hats, and let’s jump right into the world of One Piece!

Background Information

Before we dive into discussing Big Mom’s strength, let’s first get acquainted with her story in the expansive One Piece universe.

Big Mom, or Charlotte Linlin as she was born, is a towering figure and one of the paramounts in the infamous world of piracy. She captains the Big Mom Pirates, rules over Totto Land as its queen, and is known by the foreboding title of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea.

  • Raised in Elbaf, the land of the giants, Linlin’s story is one of survival, ambition, and a twisted notion of a utopian world!
  • With her flamboyant personality and a reign characterized by her unpredictable bouts of rage, Big Mom has firmly solidified her spot in the power dynamics of the One Piece world’s Grand Line.

To understand her power and strength, you first need to grasp the depth of her character. So let’s unveil the monster mother of the One Piece universe, Charlotte Linlin – brilliantly terrifying, terrifyingly brilliant.

The Tale of Big Mom in One Piece

Once upon a time in the One Piece realm, an impactful dame ruled the sea. Known as Big Mom, or Charlotte Linlin, her name sent shivers through the spine of pirates and marines.

In the snaking chronicles of the Grand Line, Big Mom springs as one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Being in these elite ranks isn’t a tea party – this title is reserved only for the fiercest, the most powerful, and the most daunting pirates.

Unraveling Big Mom’s Physical Strength

Big Mom is no regular woman. Physically, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Enormous in size and bursting with raw strength, Big Mom’s physical prowess remains unrivaled. She’s not just brawn, but also shows exceptional durability and indefatigable stamina, withstanding onslaughts that would obliterate others. Few can weather the Big Mom storm!

Embracing the Power of the Soru Soru no Mi

Let’s dive right into Big Mom’s Devil Fruit Power – a force to be reckoned with, it’s the Soru Soru no Mi, or Soul-Soul Fruit.

What Is The Soru Soru no Mi?

The Soru Soru no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, giving Big Mom the astonishing ability to interact with and manipulate souls. These souls can become wispy, cloud-like creatures dubbed Homies that accommodate the environment and are absolutely loyal to Big Mom.

How It Augments Big Mom’s Strength

Big Mom uses her Soul-Soul Fruit power to create an army of Homies, decking out her territory and increasing her overall might. Even natural elements like the sun and the clouds can be turned into Homies! Talk about an ever-present, ever-loyal crew! This power magnifies Big Mom’s formidable might and makes her the ruler of her own, living kingdom.

Big Mom’s Haki Abilities

One aspect of Big Mom’s power, which particularly stands out in the One Piece universe, is her command over Haki.

Armament Haki

Let’s first talk about Armament Haki. This is a form of Haki that allows the user to create an “invisible armor” around themselves. From what we’ve seen, Big Mom’s Armament Haki is extraordinarily strong, allowing her to resist powerful attacks with barely a scratch.

Observation Haki

Next, we have Observation Haki – the ability to sense the presence of others, even if they are hidden from view or too far to see naturally. Big Mom’s proficiency in this type of Haki allows her to anticipate an opponent’s moves and react accordingly.

In essence, her Haki abilities contribute significantly to her formidable power.

Understanding Haki in One Piece

For those new to the One Piece universe, Haki is a significant concept to grasp. Essentially, it’s a mysterious power that resides in every living creature, yet only a select few can harness. It exists in three forms: Armament Haki, Observation Haki, and the elusive Conqueror’s Haki. Each holds unique capabilities for the user.

Big Mom’s Proficiency in Haki

When it comes to Big Mom, she is a master in using two types of Haki. First, her Armament Haki bestows her the ability to solidify her body to resist attacks and impressively, to hit Logia-type Devil Fruit users. Her second forte, Observation Haki, allows her to predict opponents’ moves to an extent, giving her an edge in battles. No doubt, these Hakis significantly contribute to her power!

Big Mom’s Intellect and Tactical Prowess

Now let’s slice into Big Mom’s gargantuan brain. Don’t be fooled by her massive size—she’s got a strategic mind as expansive as her empire.

Big Mom: The Master Manipulator

For starters, Big Mom is super adept at psychoanalyzing her opponents. She knows exactly when to dangle the carrot or swing the stick to get what she wants. Remember her ruthless manipulation of Sanji, using his chivalrous nature against him? Classic Big Mom.

Big Mom in the Heat of Battle

On the battlefield, she’s equally skillful. One of our favorite displays of this was her cunning battle tactics during the Whole Cake Island incident. With tactical precision, she orchestrated strife within the Straw Hat Pirates, proving she’s not just muscle, but mind too.

Comparisons: Big Mom versus One Piece’s Powerhouses

When it comes to incredible strength in the One Piece universe, Big Mom rubs shoulders with the mightiest. Let’s examine her power level in comparison to other prominent figures in the series.


Starting off, let’s consider Big Mom against other mighty pirates. Her raw power, stamina, and remarkable command over Devil Fruit Power and Haki, comfortably put her in the league of formidable figures like Whitebeard, Kaido, and even Gol D. Roger.

Big Mom vs. Luffy

The face-off between Big Mom and Luffy reveals the extent of her strength even better. Luffy, despite all his will and determination, struggled significantly when up against Big Mom. This intense fight alone is a testament to her unparalleled power.

Recapitulation of Big Mom’s Narrative of Power

To truly understand the importance of Big Mom in the One Piece Universe, let’s take a quick recap of her immense strengths:

  • Her formidable physical prowess is nothing short of impressive, exhibiting the ability to flip a gigantic castle and easily fend off other strong characters.
  • Her Soru Soru no Mi power, allowing her to manipulate souls and create sentient life.
  • Mastering both Armament and Observation Haki, enhancing her battle dominance by heaps.
  • Lastly, her tactical brilliance and manipulative cunning, often overlooked yet as crucial as her physicality.

Big Mom’s Stand in One Piece Universe Power Rankings

Big Mom, with her wide-ranging abilities, unyielding endurance, and ruthless intellect, firmly secures her position among the top-tier powerhouses. Her power and influence are undeniable, making her an integral pillar in the structure of the One Piece universe’s power dynamics.

Theory: Unraveling the Mystery of Big Mom’s Memory Loss

For ardent followers of the manga, Big Mom’s unexpected memory loss after her plunge into the waters is both puzzling and intriguing. While the obvious explanation might be a simple head bump, given Big Mom’s stature and strength, it seems too rudimentary. Besides, it’s unlikely Oda-sensei would craft such an elementary plot twist without a deeper narrative.

A Different Take on Big Mom’s Backstory

The prevalent theory posits that Big Mom consumed Mother Carmel and her orphan friends during a desperate quest for the Elbaf sweets. Given Big Mom’s history of not differentiating between food and humans when famished, this theory holds water. However, one major snag is the instantaneous transfer of Mother Carmel’s Devil Fruit powers to Big Mom post-consumption. While plausible, it feels overly simplistic.

Possession: The Mother Carmel and Big Mom Connection

I propose a twist: Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) might have been a “high level” homie, possessed by Mother Carmel. Given Carmel’s malevolent nature and aging body, she might have transferred her entire soul into young Linlin. Thanks to their close bond, Linlin’s soul accepted this union, eventually allowing Carmel to dominate. Hence, Big Mom might truly be the embodiment of Mother Carmel.

This theory also explains why Carmel’s only remnant is that precious photograph Big Mom possesses. The photo’s destruction triggering Big Mom’s fury aligns with Carmel’s known narcissism.

mother carmel one piece

The Soul, The Devil Fruit, and Current Events

For Fruit users, the connection between the soul and the Devil Fruit is as profound as DNA. Upon a soul’s departure, the powers shift to the next fruit. This deep bond might also explain the widely discussed theory about Blackbeard and the Yami Yami Fruit, suggesting hidden siblings with distinct souls.

Given this connection, Big Mom’s current infantile state might be due to Mother Carmel’s soul’s expulsion after contact with water. It also sheds light on why some of Big Mom’s “homies” remain unaffected; they’ve developed distinct personalities over time. This theory accounts for Zeus’s utility to Nami and the sudden silence of Big Mom’s once-talkative hat, Prometheus.


Bringing our exciting journey through the world of One Piece and the mighty Big Mom to a close, it’s become clear that Big Mom is far more than meets the eye. Her reign as one of the Four Emperors doesn’t merely come from her formidable physical might or unique Devil Fruit Power. It’s also a reflection of her incredible mental acuity and proficiency in both Armament and Observation Haki.

In the grand scheme of the One Piece universe, her power, strategic acumen, and sheer intimidation factor place her firmly among the top tier of the world’s strongest characters. Sure, there are other powerful figures, but few are as terrifyingly capable as the legendary Big Mom.

What are your thoughts?

We’ve delved deep into the world of One Piece and thrown some light on the enormous strength of the formidable Big Mom. But, we’re more interested in hearing your views too!

  • Do you think Big Mom’s physical prowess and strategic acumen make her the strongest character in One Piece?
  • How do you rate her strength compared to other Four Emperors?
  • Can her Devil Fruit Power outmatch other powerhouses?

Pour down your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to read your perspectives and engage in thrilling One Piece discussions!

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