The Best One Piece Anime Backpacks

one piece anime backpacks

Want to carry your favorite gear with style? Well, the best way to do that is with an anime backpack. We here at One Piece Theories understand the need and are here for the rescue. For that reason, we present today a list of our favorite one piece anime backpacks for you to choose from.

Choice One: The Portgas D. Ace Backpackportgas d ace backpack

This full-size backpack features our favorite deceased commander of the 2nd Division of the Whitebeard Pirates and “brother” of Luffy, our beloved Portgas D. Ace. The backpack’s size is 17″ and I absolutely love the design of it and the art that is depicted on it. Perfect for school, but also ideal for the gym or a brief trip, this backpack is a choice you won’t regret. On top of these, the backpack features handy pockets on the inside of it as well. At only 21$ you can’t find a backpack to beat this one.

==>Get the Portgas D. Ace backpack here<==

straw hat pirates modern backpackChoice Two: Modern Straw Hat Pirates Backpack

Moving on to a backpack with a really modern style and design, which features the jolly roger of the Straw Hats on its front. It comes in black and blue as well. Alternatively, you can choose the jolly roger of the Heart Pirates of Trafalgar D Water Law, if you prefer so. The material here is of really high quality, thus Canvas and PU leather, which make the backpack really sturdy. Not to mention that it comes from the Gumstyle company, which is guaranteed to deliver really high-quality backpacks. It’s 17.3″ length, plenty for even a 16-inch laptop. What’s best is that you also get two beautiful pins to decorate your already stylish backpack. I personally love the brown leather parts, they really add to the style and quality of the backpack. Certainly, a choice that will be remembered.

==>Grab the Straw Hat Pirates backpack here<==

Choice Three: Luffy Picking his Nose Backpackluffy picking nose backpack

Who doesn’t love the adorable little pirate of the Straw Hats picking his nose? This backpack from YOYOSHome is made from really high-quality nylon fabric. The YOYOSHome company goes the extra mile by providing a sticker of their logo as a gift for you as well. In a cream/beige color, this backpack gets paired extremely well with almost anything and it’s a safe gift choice for any One Piece/ Anime fan. Note, that besides the Luffy one, you can choose many different designs from other anime as well, such as Fairy Tail, Fate Stay Night, Sword Art Online and others. A nice surprise is a pocket in the back of the bag as well, for extra storage space. Just beware that the light color may get dirty easily, so care needed for that.

==>Get the Luffy picking nose backpack here<==

Choice Four: Luminous Luffy Laptop Backpack

My favorite choice thus far, this laptop backpack from company Kinomoto is one you’ll definitely love. From high-quality oxford fabric, with a luminous design and a USB charging port this backpack gives you everything you could wish for. Breathable fabrics, decompression adjustable straps, 18.5 inches length and many different slots complete the puzzle of this masterpiece backpack. Perfect for all your different needs, such as school, office, or even trip. Note that you can even get it in a backpack set with a small handbag as well. And because I really love it, here are some illustratory pictures for many different parts of it, just so you understand how good of a deal it is.

luminous luffy backpack frontluminous luffy backpack backluminous luffy backpack slots





==>Get the Luminous Luffy Backpack here<==

Choice Five: Pick your favorite character backpack

Moving on to another beautiful backpack from Gumstyle. With a unique design and made from Nylon Oxford material and an external USB port as well here, this backpack easily becomes a no-brainer choice. What I absolutely love about this one is that you can pick your favorite character from the series to be depicted on the back of it, choosing from 27 different designs! This feature alone makes it the perfect gift for any anime fun friend you have. Just pick the character they love and you’re set. For the sake of space, just showing some of our personal favorite designs here, but you can follow the links and pick your favorite one by just clicking the pictures over at Amazon’s website.

zoro backpackwhitebeard backpacktrafalgar law backpack







==>Pick your favorite character for the design here<==

Choice Six: Heart Pirates Backpack

Another wonderful choice here from Gumstyle as well. Do you love the Heart Pirates and Trafalgar Law? Would you also like to pick a backpack that’s a really different style than the previous ones? Then you don’t need to look any further, this backpack is for you. Love the fact that it’s made from canvas material, it really gives it a unique texture and feel, as well as style. With many side pockets, a pocket for your laptop and adjustable straps here as well, you can easily understand the high quality that we have here.

Not to mention the fact that Gumstyle is known to go the extra mile, in order to help their customers be satisfied in case something doesn’t go ttheway they intended to. To top it all off, you can also pick different anime for this same backpack’s design, ranging from Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, and others. Giving some examples of our favorite choices here as well, but be sure to pick the one you love, by following the link below or just clicking on one of the pictures!

heart pirates backpackattack on titan backpacknaruto backpack





==>Pick your favorite anime for the backpack’s design here<==

Your favorite from the Best One Piece Anime Backpacks?

I hope you liked our choices regarding backpacks that are deisgned with an One Piece or anime in general inspiration. Be sure to pick your favorite one by clicking the pictures above or using the links that are provided for quick reference.

Question of the Day: Which backpack from the ones we suggested was your favorite? Please share in the comments below, since feedback is extremely important for us.

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Thanks, Minna and I’ll see you next time

6 thoughts on “The Best One Piece Anime Backpacks”

  1. I really love the designs of the backpack. It is catchy and I would like to try them. 

    Are they washable?

    The price doesn’t seem a lot . It looks reasonable.

    How long do these backpacks last for? I know it depends on how we use it but if you can give me an approximation that will be great.

    1. They are really high quality, but yes it depends on the use. I believe they are washable yes. You should better check for each one with the manufacturer. Remember, I don’t make them, just suggest the ones I liked! 🙂

  2. Hey Antonis, your post was great; it’s been a long while since I saw One piece the television series but I haven’t forgotten how awesome it is. Also, I like your backpack assortment of the One piece crew especially one with that fine hot Neko Robin; I always had a thing for her. But, your backpack collection is awesome and I might look into getting one for myself. I’m going to bookmark your page for the future. Great job!

  3. Definitely to carry out a gear with style is awesome. I looked all, my my favorite is the laptop backpack from Kinomoto company. I love it with the luminous design and also USB charging port, is wow!!! Any way, I would like to find some other that fits better with me… and my age 🙂 it is a joke. Your work is beautiful and with many options in style and design. Keep it, you are going well. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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