How to use Anime Studio – A Review of Animation Trainer

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So you came here looking for a comprehensive guide on how to use Anime Studio. You will be dissapointed but stay with me for a minute. This is not such a guide but it will lead to you finding THE GUIDE on doing just that.animation trainer homepage This is a review of Animation Trainer, which is probably what you are really looking for.

Without further ado, what exactly is Animation Trainer and who is it for? You probably are an anime lover or an avid manga reader, or maybe both :P. For years you devoured manga and anime. What is the next step you may have on your mind? That could be becoming an anime artist yourself.

You may have become fed up and frustrated after looking around the web, only to reach the conclusion that using Anime Studio and becoming an
animator is “hard”. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.

What’s more exciting than doing what you have loved and admired for years? What is better than being the creator of what you enjoy watching at your free time? In essence, having a hobby of yours as an occupation? That’s where Animation Trainer comes in. We are talking about a comprehensive guide that can do just that, make you an anime artist. What’s crazy is that this can happen in just 2 weeks! What? You heard me right! Read on..

I’m not an artist..

Lets start with the most common reasons that keep people back from pursuing their passion for animation.

You must probably be crying out. “But i have no relevant experience whatsoever!”. Or the classic “I’m not artistic”. The funny thing is none of these matter at all. You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to be an above average animator. You don’t even need any experience related to the field. Just a love for anime and of course the right guide to point you in the best direction.

There are other guides..

I know, i know. The internet is full of guides, tutorials and information on how to use Anime Studio. Why should i choose Animation Trainer? What’s different about it?

Well, first and foremost Animation Trainer has a guarantee that no other program or advice on the web can offer. You will be able to have your own anime ready in just 2 weeks, whether you believe it or not.

Someone can also ask, “Can’t i just search and find the right advice for me already online?”. You could but is it worth the sacrifice and strife?

Info here and there

Another fact is that information is scattered around the web. Many tutorials are incomplete or have below average material. Eric, the creator of Animation Trainer has spent a lot of time gathering material from so animation trainermany different sources, so that you don’t have to. You would have to spend months to gather all the info he has in one neat guide. All the hassle and the lost time can be avoided once and for all.

But what exactly do you get by purchasing Animation Trainer?

The guide

If you are like me this is where you start to get skeptical. Alright, we have seen many guides who promise to have everything and end up being a crappy pdf. Well, i can assure you this is not the case here.

By buying Animation Trainer, you get access to high quality videos and material of top notch level. You can then just use them in the comfort of your home and at your own pace and time. No need to put up with a below average pdf or a crappy product. No need to make sense of the material on your own, because everything is laid out in a step by step format.

I do though understand this may not be for everyone’s taste and needs.

Don’t buy!

Some of you may have come here for some general advice about Anime Studio. Or you already are a seasoned animation artist. If that is the case i believe you should stop reading now. You don’t need the product i propose here today. Plain and simple. General and scattered advice already exist around the web and you can do really well by looking for that exactly.

If on the other hand you want a comprehensive go to step by step guide for all your Anime Studio needs, then don’t look elsewhere. Animation Trainer is for you. Also, if you have no experience with animating and are a complete beginner wanting to have an anime up and running in just 2 weeks, Animation Trainer is exactly what you ‘re looking for.

The verdict

So lets cut to the chase and wrap up this review about Animation Trainer, the guide on how to use Anime Studio and release your own anime in just animation trainer bonuses2 weeks.

I do believe that Animation Trainer is a high quality product and a type of guide that cannot be found elsewhere right now. It not only provides advice on how to use Anime Studio, but also a guide on releasing your own anime in record time. I know you can still be hesitant though and that’s totally understandable.

Don’t take my word for it

Animation Trainer comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. As they say in their sales page “you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain”. Just buy the guide, use it and judge with your own eyes. You like it? Sweet. You don’t? Just request your money back. I don’t think you will though ;).

Also, to sweeten the deal, Eric and the guys over at Animation Trainer have thrown lots of bits and pieces of bonuses, all in the price of the basic guide. Only the Begginer’s Character pack sells in other websites for 27! Not to mention all the other interesting bonuses. Just hop there and look for yourself.

P.s. For a similar review on our top recommendation about learning how to draw manga check our Mad About Manga review.

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Thanks, minna and I’ll see you next time!

6 thoughts on “How to use Anime Studio – A Review of Animation Trainer”

  1. Wow, I will totally give this program a try. I am an artist myself, I paint and draw a lot but I always find it a little hard to draw on a computer and I have been wondering how they do it. Now, with this program, everything seems easier. I like how they give a trial time, so if you are not satisfied with your result, you can ask your money back. For what I’ve read, I don’t think that’s gonna happen because it sounds magical.

    1. Haha Animation Trainer really delivers what it promises Francesca. If you are really interested in taking your computer animation to the next level go on. You are missing out. Cheers!

  2. I’ve considered using Anime Studio for a while as a manga enthusiast.

    But as I see this Animation Trainer is more of a cartoon than Japanese anime style. Thanks to your review, I know this is not the product I am looking for.

    I’ll be checking your review on Mad About Manga to see if I have a better chance there.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Today, information is everywhere. I agree with your statement that it takes tremendous amount of work to compile relevant, good and reliable information. If the price is justifiable, paying someone to complile, filter, verify and elaborate the information we need is worth it. With a 60 days money back, I think the price is worth it.

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