Kimi No Na Wa – Anime Movie Review

Kimi no Na wa Review

“I feel like I’m always searching for someone…”. Kimi no Na wa, or otherwise known as Your Name, is a widely popular anime romance movie, loved in Japan since 2016. Haven’t watched it till recently, I decided to give it a go on a movie night with my girlfriend. Since I was really tired, I thought I would certainly fall asleep. I did for a while :P, however, the movie was so good that I immediately woke up, having been drawn into it. Since I loved it, here is my review of this spectacular movie.

Fun Fact: Many locations used as inspiration for the movie, are actual real locations!

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Kimi no Na wa Movie Review

The movie comes from director Makoto Shinkai, with successful movies as Voices of a Distant Star and 5 Centimeters per Second in his track record. Main themes of the movie are time, fate, as well as love. One night, when the stars were falling, high-school students, Mitsuha and Taki switch bodies out of the blue. Being complete strangers, the happening is something they can’t even understand in the beginning. This continues to happen back and forth at random times, so they learn to adjust and somehow live with it, maybe even grow to like it I dare say. Naturally, they start trying to seek each other out in real life, however, something more than distance separates them. Without wanting to spoil the wonderful story, I will leave the explanation of the plot at that, hopefully leaving you wanting more :D.

Kimi no Na wa Review

A Unique Character

The plot may seem simple at first glance, even cliche, but believe me it’s far from it. Full of emotionally charged moments (my girlfriend cried a lot :P), beautiful metaphors, the concept of hopeless love, as well as a beautiful scenery, it starts to draw you in, in a weird and powerful way. The story may seem deceptively simple or even predictable at times, but the details of it manage to make it spectacular even so, which is for me its true power as well.

Masterful Art & Music

The art and animation are maybe the strongest part of the movie. The choice of colors and details of the scenery is terrific and really helps with paying attention to what the viewer should focus on. It has the ability to evoke emotions, from just taking a look at the screen alone.

Kimi no Na wa Anime Movie Review

The music comes from a band called Radwimps, a Japanese rock/alternative group. It’s only fitting, since the movie has to do with teenagers, and rock music naturally characterizes their youth and characters. I personally adored the music, and more specifically the ending song Sparkle was ideal along with the ending scenes of the movie.

An Emotional Rollercoaster

The main thing about Kimi no Na wa is that it’s an emotional rollercoaster that leaves a lasting impression on you. There are scenes where you’ll cry, others you wished never happened, and others you won’t believe actually happened. I love that depth is added to the story in unconventional ways you never thought would do that. From the traditions of the Itomori village, down to the thread that Mitsuha used to tie her hair, all these little details provide a unique character to the movie and its storytelling.

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I personally loved the metaphors/symbolism. The twillight or kataware doki in Japanese and its meaning for the story, the trains parallelized with people’s lives, the comets falling, the thread of Mitsuha’s hair, the body swap as a form of dreaming. All these among others add to the unique character previously mentioned, and will certainly leave a lasting impression on you, along with their deep philosophical meanings. However, don’t fret. Nothing is delivered in a confusing or boring way. It’s all part of the story and that’s why you’ll love it.

Mitsuha Kimi no Na wa

Possible Downsides

I loved the movie, but let’s try to point some possible weaknesses just for the sake of it. To name one idea, the movie doesn’t have the time to go in depth regarding building the setting. It’s not that it’s imperative to do that (in fact I like the fact that it focuses on its main theme instead). It’s just that the world setting has a lot to offer, but that could be explored later in another movie even. Also, maybe the first part is not that strong, setting the stage for the second one and being more light, however it’s only natural for a movie to not be emotionally charged from the first moments. The pro is that the first part is actually funny and breezy.

Who is this movie for

Well, this movie is really for everyone who has a connection with their emotions, for every person who has loved. It will also connect deeply with people in long-distance relationships. It’s a wonderful story about long-distance love, about the weird ways people’s lives may end up connected, about possible fates and lives linked together. It’s certainly a movie that will resonate with the hopeless romantics but may also be able to create some new ones as well.

I would urge everyone to watch the wonderful anime movie of Kimi no Na wa. Just be prepared for some extreme emotions, maybe even emotions you never thought you could feel. I hope this review helped the ones who haven’t watched understand that it’s a MUST-WATCH, and maybe helped the ones who have watched it, remember the strong moments and the reason they loved it!

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Your Name Anime Movie ReviewLet’s close with a wonderful monologue from the movie, just to tease the ones who haven’t watched, and to help the others remember and cry once again ;). Hear this while reading it, please.

Wherever you are in the world.

I’ll search for you

Your name is Mitsuha

It’s ok I remember

Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Mitsuha.

Your name is Mitsuha.

Your name is…

Who are you?

Why did I come here?

I came to see her.

To save here. I wanted her to be alive.

Who was it? Who?

Who did I come to see?

Someone dear to me.

I don’t want to forget.

I shouldn’t forget!

Who? Who? Who? Who?

What’s your name?

Question of the Day: Will you watch Kimi no Na wa? If you already have, did it leave such a lasting impression to you as well? Share in the comment section below.

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  1. I will be honest, I have never watched an anime movie as I had no interest in that type of movie. After reading your post though I now can see how well put together and serious of movies they can be. This movie according to your description deals with real subjects, includes actual real world locations in it and seems like something I would now be willing to give a try at.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to this genre of movies. I like many different genre of movies and will consider watching it. Can I look this up on youtube or where can I watch this movie now?

    Thanks for posting an informative article. 

    Proud papa of two,


    1. Hey Jody. Happy that the article introduced you to the beautiful world of anime. You can even start watching anime movies with your kids. It would be a really nice time to spend together this way. You can certainly check the movie out here ==>  

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