What Happened To Germa 66 After Whole Cake Island?

Hello there, fellow One Piece enthusiasts! We all know how much fun it is to delve into the vast and expansive world of One Piece. Today, we’re escaping into the fascinating storyline that revolves around Germa 66 and the Whole Cake Island Arc. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Thrilling One Piece Universe

One Piece, a gem in the anime world, is set in a universe filled with vast seas, known as the Grand Line, where daring pirates and fearless mariners set sail in search of ‘One Piece,’ the ultimate pirate treasure. A universe painted with a myriad of islands and filled to the brim with adventure, camaraderie, and epic battles.

Back Story: Germa 66

Now, who wouldn’t be fascinated by those clone troopers clad in cool raid suits? The Germa 66, often known as the “Evil Army,” is a scientific military squad from the Germa Kingdom.

Just to give you a spoiler-free background, Germa 66 was dubbed as a mythical evil army in tales, only for us to learn about their ties with Sanji, one of the crew’s main characters. Their unique scientific advancements and political maneuvers in the story indeed make them a fascinating subject!

The Gourmet Adventure: Whole Cake Island Arc

The Whole Cake Island Arc is not just about thrills and fights – it’s also a hardcore foodie tour! It is a cascade of culinary wonders with candy-made forests, biscuit soldiers, and a Big Mom who would give you the grandest tea party ever! Marked with the everlasting spirit of the Straw Hat Crew, this arc unfolded pages of unexplored histories leading to mesmerizing climaxes.

In brew are my upcoming posts delving deeper into the intriguing developments of Germa 66 and the Whole Cake Island Arc. So, tighten your seatbelts, fellow One Piece fans, because, in the world of Oda’s One Piece, the adventure never ceases!

Remember, in the great words of Luffy, “If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future!”

Stay tuned for more grand adventures in the One Piece Universe!

All About Germa 66: Pre-Whole Cake Island Era

Do you remember the enigmatic Germa 66 well before the chaos of Whole Cake Island Arc? Also known as the “Warmongers”, the group was as mysterious as they were feared. The name “Germa 66” was synonymous with an almost untouchable force, infamous for its powerful army.

The Infamous Reputation

With reputation often comes dread. Germa 66 was widely known as the ‘Evil Army’. They were never the ones to back off, fighting against any odds with their advanced technology and relentless spirit. Their ruthless nature and warrior ethos defined them, and they seemed to relish their identity as evil marauders. This, in turn, earned them an intimidating reputation across the world.

A Powerful Organization

At the top of its hierarchical structure, stood Vinsmoke family, the rulers of Germa Kingdom. This royal family was not to be taken lightly. Trained from a young age, the Vinsmoke siblings, especially, were living weapons, bred for battle.

Germa’s Connection with World Government and Underworld

Germa 66’s ties were international, to say the least. The relationship between Germa and the World Government was a complicated one. The World Government had revoked its affiliation with Germa, hinting at an unsettling past. However, even amidst tumultuous politics, Germa held a seat at Reverie, showing their significant political standing.

The underworld was no stranger to Germa 66 either. However, there lied a mystery. Despite being active in the piracy-driven underworld, Germa’s name wasn’t known to everyone. It was as if they managed to keep their presence under wraps, all the while pulling strings from the shadows.

Before we headed into the drama of Whole Cake Island Arc, we saw Germa 66 in its prime. An organization with its reputation, power, and strained international ties, it was clear that they were not to be trifled with. And yet, with all their might, we were only scratching the surface of Germa 66’s true depth and hidden secrets.

Introduction to Germa 66’s Role

Before we dive into the twists and turns of the Whole Cake Island Arc, let’s familiarize ourselves again with Germa 66. They’re also called the Warmongers and they play a crucial role in this One Piece arc.

Alliance with Big Mom Pirates

One of the first key events involving Germa 66 happens when they form a political alliance with the powerful Big Mom Pirates. This unfolds through a planned marriage between Sanji, a Straw Hats’ member, and Pudding, Big Mom’s daughter.

Assassination Attempt Revealed

Dramatic fluctuations in the narrative happen as the Truth Behind the Wedding unfolds. It’s revealed that the wedding is a trap, designed to assassinate all members of Germa 66. The Big Mom Pirates intended to seize their advanced technologies and soldiers. This discovery dramatically shifts Germa 66’s position from potential accomplices to victims.

Germa 66’s Counterattack

Now, let’s turn our attention to the unforgettable climax of this arc —  the Tea Party from Hell. This event shines with Germa 66’s vengeful counterattack. They free the trapped Straw Hats, revealing their scarlet raid suits and showing off their advanced technologies. They engage in a full-scale battle, creating a distraction allowing the Straw Hats to escape.

The Escape

In the closing stage of the arc, germa 66 played a crucial role yet again. During the Straw Hats’ Run, their actions facilitate the Straw Hats’ escape. The Vinsmoke Family, despite their complicated relationship with Sanji, supports his decision to leave and holds back Big Mom Pirates, risking their own lives.


In the end, the involvement of Germa 66 significantly shapes the Whole Cake Island Arc’s narrative. Their flexible alliances, fierce determination, and advanced technologies created a captivating and unpredictable series of events. Their actions underline the essential theme of this arc  — the complexity of familial relationships and alliances in a world gripped by power struggles.

After The Whole Cake Island Arc

Still reeling from the tumultuous events of the Whole Cake Island Arc, Germa 66 found themselves in an unsteady predicament. This once-powerful group was both literally and metaphorically taken down a few pegs, yet the aftermath of such a disaster, surprisingly, wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Struggles of Germa 66

Struggles after any major setback are given, and Germa 66 was no exception. The organization had to deal with major losses, both in terms of manpower and resources. The damage to their reputation was another thing altogether. Known as a formidable force in the underworld, the fall out from Whole Cake Island brought about a different and tough kind of conversation for them – regaining lost trust.

  • Dealing with manpower loss
  • Rebuilding resources
  • Reinforcing the dented reputation

Current Status of Germa 66

The mighty doesn’t stay down for long, and Germa 66 stood testimony to this. Currently, they managed to stem the loss and build back some of their previous strength. An extension of their recovery is the sterling resilience they’ve displayed, which makes a compelling narrative about their come-back saga.

Germa 66 Rising: Rebuilding Themselves

As they say, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”, Germa 66 indeed lived up to this. In a remarkable show of re-growth, they managed to turn around the catastrophic fallout of the Whole Cake Island Arc. But how did they do it? They started by recruiting fresh talent, moving away from their past reliance on numbers and focusing more on quality over quantity. Harnessing this new approach helped them regain their strength, piece by piece.

In essence, the aftermath of Whole Cake Island Arc was a low point for Germa 66, but it also served as a turning point, a wake-up call that pushed them to rise again with renewed vigour and determination.

Germa 66: Transformation Through the Whole Cake Island Arc

There’s a lot to unpack after One Piece’s highly impressive Whole Cake Island arc. That story did remarkable things on how it fleshed out the characters of Germa 66, dealing with the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of each one of them.

Emotional Revelations

The fierce brothers’ emotional journeys have been nothing short of fascinating. It’s quite impossible not to note how Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji became less disdainful of their younger brother, Sanji. By the end of the saga, they showed signs of acknowledging Sanji’s worth, albeit in their own twisted way. There’s genuinely something moving about villains starting to see the world not just in black and white.

The Mental Makeover

On another note, Judge Vinsmoke had his share of mental metamorphosis too. His encounter with Sanji forced him to shake the pillars of his beliefs. He had to confront his mistakes and rethink his choices. The king being questioned mentally has indeed led to an interesting development of the once all-knowing character.

The Physical Evolution

Their physical transformation is also commendable. The badass Raid Suits that the Germa 66 brothers wore, not only made them look cooler but also showcased their growth. They had to push their physical limits and learn to rely not only on power but also on strategy and teamwork.

So, there you have it folks! The Whole Cake Island arc has definitely pushed the boundaries for character development in the volatile, power-hungry, and fiercely loyal family of Germa 66. Peeking beneath their impeccably stylish exteriors and into their changing hearts and minds further exemplifies the rich storytelling scale of One Piece. It’s clear that the Whole Cake Island Arc was more than just a sweet treat.

Conclusion: What Lies Ahead for Germa 66?

In wrapping up our deep dive into all corners of the enigmatic Germa 66, let’s speak about the entire group’s future undertakings and unravel some possible scenarios that we think might transpire.

The Promise of Unknown Adventures

As we step into the unknown future of Germa 66, their past reign of science and warfare sets a critical foundation for the possible directions the series could veer into. They have always been unpredictable, and this trait is likely to persist.

  • They might unveil revolutionary technology that could flip the narrative.
  • There’s a potential for a shirt-front collision with the Straw Hat Pirates, given their contentious relationship. Not to mention, the unresolved past, which could instigate a battle.
  • Focused on evolving, they might decide to construct alliances with other formidable forces, thus becoming an even more vital part of the series.

No matter what path is chosen by Germa 66, their journey is bound to keep us glued on our seats.

The Future Belongs to Speculations

The beauty of such a riveting series is the unpredictability and the continuous budding of new theories. Perhaps, you already have some predictions about Germa 66’s trajectory? Or maybe, some wild guesses that could potentially be future plot developments?

We invite you to take risks; there’s no “wrong” speculation. Every theory keeps the magic alive. So feel free to drop them all in the comments section. Let’s continue to weave this fascinating world of Germa 66!

To end, we’re all crossing our fingers for a spectacular development of events for Germa 66. Let’s gleefully anticipate the thrill that lies ahead.

Remember, the best stories are the ones we didn’t see coming. So here’s to Germa 66, culmination of science, warfare, and a lot of surprises!

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