World Government’s Goal in One Piece – And The Role of Shanks

The recent Reverie mini-arc revealed an interesting relationship between the guardians of Raftel, the Gorosei, and the Yonkou Shanks. He seemed to actually offer them advice over at Mariejois, something that surely sparked some discussion regarding his role. Today we are going to try and gain some insights about the aims of the World Government in One Piece, as well as the resulting relationships that stem from those aims, between them, the Yonkou, and the other important figures in One Piece. 

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Top 10 Shounen Anime – The All-Time Favorites

Shounen anime, originally aimed at younger males, are one of the biggest reasons that anime have reached such a global audience. Defined by their action-packed scenes and themes of overcoming challenge and self-development, shounen anime are often a fan favorite. But, which of the classic shounen anime is the best? Continue reading “Top 10 Shounen Anime – The All-Time Favorites”

Silvers Rayleigh One Piece – Why is he called the Dark King?

Today we’re gonna talk about Silvers Rayleigh from our favorite anime One Piece. We’ll try to explore the reason why he’s referred to as the Dark King. Continue reading “Silvers Rayleigh One Piece – Why is he called the Dark King?”

One Piece Epic Moments – A top 10

Long time no see everybody. Here I give you today the top 10 One Piece epic moments, so that we can get fired up about our favorite anime once again! The reason is that One Piece Theories is making a comeback and what better idea than to recap? Continue reading “One Piece Epic Moments – A top 10”